The Best Albums in Pigeons & Planes History


Covering music for the past five years has been very interesting. We've seen entire genres come and go, trends fade out of style before most people can even define them, and the consumption of music has reshaped the entire industry built around it. Instead of all these pieces working together to help evolve the music world, it seems more like a giant fight most of the time. Artists fight with labels, big businesses fight with illegal downloaders, old media fights new media, major labels fight new rules, and Kanye West fights stereotypes, media, and the bloodsucking mosquito bullies that sneak on his property to take pictures of him at four in the morning. Things are tense.

But history has shown that unrest yields creativity, and there has been plenty of that. While LP sales dropped and digital singles seemed like the way to go, Kendrick Lamar put out Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City, an album whose "singles" didn't seem to matter as much as the album as a whole. Death Grips decided to give the middle finger to their label and leak their entire album themselves. And everyone toyed with different ideas for releases: cheap albums, free albums, overpriced albums, under-marketed albums, over-marketed albums, corporate sponsored albums. In the midst of all this chaos and confusion, there has been some great art. Just look at the albums.

Pigeons & Planes was born at the end of 2008. Here are our favorite albums that have been released since then.

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