The Best Albums of Summer 2013


Summer is a singular beast, a season littered with late nights, lazy afternoons and hazy, hot days. Summer 2013 was no different, especially musically speaking—there were releases that sparked controversy throughout the months, and others that made their way into the slipstream with a gracious quietness. As some musicians vied to continue their legacy and others sought to enter the halls of the greats for the first time, we sifted through the ranks and chose the best albums of this summer.

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  • Ha

    this list is just an embarassment. Big Sean as an artist is just awful, Magna was possibly Jays worst album, Yezzus different sound, not as good as old Kanye. Terrible

  • scotty2hottie

    No Mac? I thought his album was a it improvement from his previous work

  • Confusion

    WORST album? no way, that’s crazy talk. It’s not great for a Jay album, still decent in comparison to other albums this summer. If it wasn’t Jay we’d judge it differently.

    What were your favorites from the summer?

  • Birch

    Yeezus was amazing.

  • Birch

    Trap Lord cemented the fact that I like Ferg more than Rocky now. Rocky’s verse on “Shabba” actually killed the song for me.

  • DMSthaWolf

    This list is basically just 15 albums that were released this summer. Jay Z and Kanye at a low together

  • isimi kehinde

    Yeezus is a terrific album, sure its different and its hard for us to embrace different, but if you take the time to play that album again and again, you will find a very deep, aggressive and basically kanye album

  • mvious

    thats your opinion.

  • Naaaaaatey

    Have ya seen Earl rocking all the louie belts in the hive video? Doris is fucking ok.

  • Aashim

    My first though too. That album was dope and a massive improvement from his previous efforts. Great guest verses from Action etc. and Mac still kept up with them bar for bar. Great album.

  • flacko

    come dafuq on,whoever made this list is fuqin stupid,how you gon put HOF,traplord,doris and yeezus infront of bornsinner??? explain this sh!t.

  • shmite67

    Born Sinner wasnt as good as HOF, Traplord, Doris and Yeezus

  • thib

    okay i know Acid Rap wasn’t an album but if it was… NUMBER1 instantly in my eyes that and Yeezus made my summer phenominal

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