The 25 Best Atmosphere Songs


Photo by Elliot Malcolm

When discussing independent hip-hop in the late 1990s and 2000s, Minnesota's Atmosphere undoubtedly makes the shortlist as one of the most influential, important groups of the era. With their catalog—a discography rife with emotional honesty, self-deprecating bravado, soulful beats, and more cult hits than many of their contemporaries—as cornerstone, the duo of rap Slug and producer Ant not only built a lasting artistic legacy that has allowed them to travel the world and reach the precipice of mainstream commercial success, they also managed to build Rhymesayers Entertainment into an underground hip-hop powerhouse providing a home for upstarts and veterans (MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Evidence, Soul Position, and Abstract Rude, among others) alike.

Since their debut in 1997, the duo (initially a trio also featuring emcee Spawn) has released six full length albums, five EPs, two compilation albums, and thirteen odds and ends collections. A discography this dauntingly extensive makes selecting 25 greatest songs no easy task. If you've never gotten into Atmosphere's catalog, or you simply want to relive some of the group's finest moments, check out our choices for the group's 25 best.

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