The Best Up-and-Coming Hip-Hop Producers


DJ Dahi

Highlights: Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay Rock - "Money Trees," Schoolboy Q - "Hell of a Night," Schoolboy Q - "Sexting"

Scoring one of the signature tracks on Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city with "Money Trees," DJ Dahi immediately became a name worth watching. Though he'd already begun to cut his teeth with Pac Div and Kendrick's TDE labelmate Schoolboy Q, "Money Trees" solidified Dahi's clean, inventive sound, both heavy and airily expansive. Dahi continued to explore his signature–a close cousin of T-Minus' cinematic, southern-influenced production–on Schoolboy's leaked "Hell of a Night" and his recent confirmed placements on Drake's upcoming Nothing Was the Same guarantee the Los Angeles producer a spot on back to back fall blockbusters.

  • sbannon5

    Kenny Beats should be on this list. Part of the trap duo LoudPvck, but has some solid credits to his name as a hip hop producer. Skeme – Everything On Me. Smoke DZA – Diamond. Schoolboy Q – Party

  • Geoff

    Where’s the producer RAAK?

  • dnltlk11

    Chuck Strangers & Kirk Knight

  • fosterakahunter

    Not really considering what some of these cats are churning out as “Hip-Hop”. Some of it is ok, though.

  • fuck out my facé

    Young chop is beyond garbage production wise and how in the fuck is Travi$ Scott not on here that dude is fucking crazy with his beats and his credits list are crazy stacked with kanye jay and he made the blocks beat 1000000 times better on owl pharoah

  • mathdaddy

    A$AP Ty Beats??

  • Jon Tanners

    That’s a good call, RAAK is sick as fuck.

  • ya mum

    he’s been mad quiet since purple swag and peso though, and nightmare on figg st came out over a year and a half ago

  • swingem

    HOLY SHIT P&P, im reallllly disappointed in this list. There are some really interesting kids out there making dope music, and this hippie sabotage , spvce, wonder girl are not them…even kids like Metro, Dun Deal, P.Lo, C-Sick, Arthur McArthur, knucklehead, and thats just southern shit too.

  • J M AKA OBIE 1

    No Tommy Kruise?!

  • JK

    no dj mustard?

  • ripoff

    I liked him better when he was called DJ Paul

  • meh

    Taking co-producer credit because you eq’ed someone elses snare on their beat ≠ producer. His actual production stuff is all right but nothing list-worthy. Will agree about young chop being garbage.

  • Jon Tanners

    Mentioned Mustard in the intro; he’s been around for a minute and has some pretty major placements. I think the line is pretty amorphous with some of these (Chop, for example), but I feel like the sound of rap radio for a solid year now has been largely dominated by Mustard beats or Mustard-esque beats.

  • Jon Tanners

    Love Arthur, but he’s been around and gotten some major placements. Perhaps he’s not a household name yet. Ditto Metro, though on a lesser scale.

  • filthy frank

    Mr. Carmack is dope….wasnt expecting to see him on the list

  • Blockbusterz

    No NVENT?? Wow…

  • krow132

    Props for including Childish Major. That dude did some dope ass beats on Rome Fortune’s mix tape. Hes dope

  • Aaron

    what about 6ix and Chuck Strangers?

  • salut

    you should include Erick Arc Elliott! He’s underrated.

  • Clatch

    Love the article concept because so often these talents get masked, and go unrecognized. And its also a shame how not so good artists can still find a way onto outstanding production,

  • Boccia

    you guys should check out this 17 year old kid

    his artist name is 3xodus
    dis his soundcloud

  • blooh

    no C-Sick?!

  • D

    No Lee Bannon
    No Chuck Strangers
    No Kirk Knight
    … niggas is retarded

  • swingem

    understood, ok arthur was just an off the cuff answer but hasnt chop, dahi, childish major had some major placements too then? im a producer and all the murmurs i’ve heard from Canadian producer kids about wonda girl just straight stealing melodies from everyone is hilarious too, i guess only time will tell if she really is any good.

  • Franko Sinatra

    it seems you have never heard of Dj Smokey or Dj Sisco

  • jgijigj

    Check out Dom$olo, he got heat too. Worked on Yeezus as well

  • Perverted Alchemist

    All of these producers on the list are marginal, at best. Eric G. (from 9th Wonder’s The Soul Council) and the production team Best Kept Secret could easily take out more than half the people on this list.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    All of these producers on the list are marginal, at best. Eric G. (from 9th Wonder’s The Soul Council) and the production team Best Kept Secret could easily take out more than half the people on this list.

  • thersoosewolk

    Ye. Eric Arc Eliot Definitely should have bin in there. He has some pretty dope beats and his producing is amazing.

  • MexicoLo

    808 Mafia should be on top!! Lex is the hottest of 2013/14! Countless hits!

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