Download Kevin Abstract’s Self-Titled EP


Our last encounter with 17-year-old Corpus Christi rapper Kevin Abstract came on “Rabbits,” a tag team effort with equally impressive 16 year-old Ameer Vann that saw the two rapping for the sake of rapping, but rapping their assess off in the process. “Rabbits” showed promise in each emcee’s display of budding style, lacking a bit in the content department.

Abstract’s self-titled EP marks a step forward in ambition. While his work doesn’t always feel entirely cohesive, Abstract patches many of his holes with youthful imagination and energy, and a flow that navigates beats with limber ease. Songs like “Dead,” which combines stream of consciousness and grim narrative, suggest a young rapper with substantial things to say if not the ever-present focus to say them with complete coherence of voice and tone. Still, theĀ Kevin Abstract EP is worth a listen as a snapshot of a talented teenager making sense of his capacities and his story.

Stream the EP below and download it here.

  • iLLBREED2013

    why yall post this lame ass shit…post my shit

  • Jon Tanners

    Because he’s my son.

  • Guest

    no one wana post your weak ass shit

  • Guest

    no one wana post your weak ass shit

  • Chance Green

    you’re shit

  • lmfao

    nigga no1 lookin for your poverty ass music, go back to being a statistic you fuckin degenerate urban youth

  • Bostoned

    Love this tape especially the song dead



  • Shawn Doyle

    PJ’s is sooo good!

  • Dom McLennon

    He hath spoken

  • Dom McLennon

    imo one of the better & more cohesive projects this year. The producer on this whole project is 17 too, crazy shit

  • ROMEasf

    10/10 would read again

  • spencer

    this aint no interlude thooughhhh… dope as fuck. fuck the haters lol.

  • Shleevy

    this is my favorite ep of all time. but just so u guys get it right. its not HIS story. this is actually kevin rapping about a life perspective he never experienced. which makes it even cooler. he has both his parents and all that all healthy. hes just a fucking genius

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