Here’s What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics To Your Ex


With all the talk about Drake‘s new album, emotions are running wild. We saw people crying and calling their exes, but in these modern times, calling your ex is old-fashioned. We text our exes. And so we decided to text our exes with Drake lyrics. We got our friends to do it also. And, as you can imagine, Nothing. Was. The. Same.


  • SenseiRydis

    These posts separates P&P from the rest of the interwebz

  • Eric S

    LOL. I like that most of these happened after 2:00am. As they should.

  • CP

    This is fucking amazing. “Replyyyy” hahahahhaa

  • monseiur

    Complex you got the best damn staff, KNOW THAT.

  • Lucas Ross

    Lmao this is gold. People like to talk mad shit about blog authors (I plea guilty) but post like this really prove that P&P is an outstanding blog.

  • yolo

    4th to last tho.

  • Imani Mintz

    lmfaooo these are hilarious P&P is becoming my favorite blog!

  • Vincent R.

    Anyone notice every single one is on Verizon out of 20 people? The battery level is also identical in all of them, along with several repeats of the same time. Hilarious, I just wish it were real haha.

  • Sampha

    Don’t think about it too much, too much, too much

  • Matt

    Yeah, how does all 20 of this dude’s friends have iPhones? Why have none of them upgraded to iOS7?

  • Gemma

    What! I can’t believe I was fooled. I really thought you wanted my hot love and emotion endlessly…but I am a good girl and I do know it.

  • nam


  • Hit

    Always at the end:
    “Your a gud grl. And u kno it.”


  • andimsonice

    Where are the funny ones?

  • Nerd

    Do you wanna Skype or not?

  • ismaelhe

    Im about to do this w/ one of my exes lmfaoOoOO…wish me luck ya !!!

  • akabaloo

    “o ya nvmd”


  • iamkidgenius

    im fucking cryin!

  • uncrowndballa

    An ex bitch deserves a platter of shit….not drake lyrics…them bitches deserve pool water not rose’….

  • textsfromdrake
  • Drake

    you’re a good girl and you know it.

  • Josh

    Some ex’s still want the D as you can tell

  • Jo

    Dumb lyrics

  • 2Kool4School

    I probably should be offended by this but, it was really funny. I could not stop laughing (esp. at the exes who knew it was Drake lyrics and went along with it). Those are keepers..

  • Irwy

    I don’t see need to block the person if it’s one name. This is fake

  • er

    he is having a conversation. its all the same person, you have to read from the first to the last its one person having a convo with his ex….. obviously.

  • Neat

    This shit is dangerous! I’m about to call my ex!

  • Dumb Niggaz

    Er you a dumb fool, why don’t you look at the time stamps before putting your foot in your mouth. Its obviously one dude sending shit to a whole bunch of chicks/exes. Otherwise this conversation would take place over the course of like 3 weeks.

  • Dan Solo

    this is the stupidest fucking thing i’ve ever seen.

  • morris

    Lmao same thing I was thinking

  • james

    I like these. You know why?
    Cause you’re a good girl and you know it.

  • Chili Si

    are you suggesting this guy has 20 ex’s? ;)

  • KeyCha

    One of the girls’ name is DO NOT TEXT… hilarious!! I thought girls only had that reminder.

  • your a dumb niggas

    you’re an idiot. he was obviously joking. obviously.

  • Nah No

    Shout out to the girl who said “do you want to get drinks”. She’s a good girl.

  • harrrhar

    Well this is stupid.

  • Nico

    The funniest part about this is that #12’s name is DO NOT TEXT

  • Rachel

    #9 is the best…”I hope you are on fire”

  • ladaisha gibbons


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  • raven

    hi drake my name is raven waymer I am a friendof lil wayne and I trying to become a singer but he keep telling me to ask you can you please stay in tounch with me so I can be like the girl who is rihanna or that girl that sang the worst please

  • Snick The Odyssey

    “Are you drunk?”

    If this weren’t restricted to “Nothing Was The Same”, I’d’ve replied, “I’m just sayin’ you could do better.”

  • dola


  • AceOnion

    at least #5 on AT&T

  • Rake

    And she knows it.

  • janisaurus

    They’re all verizon and on the old ios because he snapped a pic from his phone, not theirs. They are all from his phone’s perspective. That’s why the text bubble is blue, not white. And the girls are different because they’are all different names, and you can tell this by the length of the ex’s names up top. I bet some of these girls are one night stands or friends though, not all girlfriends.

  • The Grei Show

    Would work better with Kanye lyrics

  • Stellarstellar


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