Drake + Wu-Tang Forever… Nothing Was The Same


When Drake released “Wu-Tang Forever” last week, we saw the Internet explode into rage and disbelief at the audacity of Drake to name what amounts to a pretty typical love song after Wu-Tang. Side-by-side lyric screenshots of “Wu-Tang Forever” and actual Wu-Tang songs made the rounds of Twitter. They inspired responses like, “Drake just go somewhere and die please.”

But what if we just weren’t getting deep enough? What if we needed to understand what it would be like to live in a world where Drake and Wu-Tang were one and the same? To help ourselves understand this, we created a Frankenstein of a poem by fusing together “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Triumph,” the lead single off the album, Wu-Tang Forever. We alternated one line from Wu-Tang, one line from Drake, and broke it into stanzas when the spirit moved us. We didn’t rearrange it at all. If you take the red pill, I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever” vs. Wu-Tang Clan – “Trumph”:

What y’all thought y’all wasn’t gon’ see me?
I just love when I’m with you, yeah, this shit is on ten

I’m the Osirus of this shit’
We used to be friends, girl, and even back then
Wu-Tang is here forever, motherfucker
You would look at me with no hesitation and you’d tell me baby, it’s yours
It’s like this ninety-seven
Nobody else’s, yeah, this shit belong to nobody, it’s yours
Aight my niggaz and my niggarettes
Nobody else’s, yeah, this shit belong to nobody in that
Let’s do it like this

Well, made me think about the game, girl
I’ma rub your ass in the moonshine
And how I switched it up with a new thang
Let’s take it back to seventy-nine
Young nigga came through on his Wu-Tang

I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies
And nowadays when I ask about who got it, they say it’s yours
And hypothesis can’t define how I be droppin these
Nobody else’s, yeah, this shit belong to nobody, it’s yours
Mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
Nobody else’s, yeah, this shit belong to nobody, it’s yours
Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
It’s yours, that’s for sure

Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
How you feel about, coming home with a, nigga for the night?
Tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
If you nervous, hit the lights, I know we only fucking out of spite
I inspect you, through the future see millenium
Cause your man don’t do you right, do you right, I could fuck you so good

Killa B’s sold fifty gold sixty platinum
Then I hit you with the 9 a.m. in Dallas who you like, baby, who you like
Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics
Machine gun raps for all my niggas in the back
Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths
Stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map
Black Wu jackets queen B’s ease the guns in
I just gave the city life, it ain’t about who did it first
Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function
It’s about who did it right, niggas looking like “Preach”
Heads by the score take flight incite a war

Open cases on me for a half a million each
Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more
I find peace knowing that it’s harder in the streets
Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly
I know, luckily I didn’t have to grow there
Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi
I would only go there cause there’s niggas that I know there
Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock
I don’t know what’s getting into me

Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block
I just like the rush when you see your enemy somewhere in the club
As the world turns, I spread like germs
And you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy
Bless the globe with the pestilence, the hard-headed never learn
You ain’t ever worried cause he’s not who he pretends to be

It’s my testament to those burned
People like Mazin who was a best friend to me
Play my position in the game of life, standin firm
Start to become a distant memory
On foreign land, jump the gun out the fryin pan, into the fire

Things change in that life and this life started lacking synergy
Transform into the Ghostrider, a six-pack
And fucking with me mentally, I think it’s meant to be
and who got my back?
Paranoid, always rolling with my mothafuckin’ boys
In the line of fire holdin back, what?

But you gotta understand when it’s yours
My peoples if you with me where the fuck you at?
They don’t really leave your ass with a mothafuckin’ choice
Niggaz is strapped, and they tryin to twist my beer cap

  • Tripod

    This is very stupid

  • frida

    Haha this is funny.. But wu-tang still makes better lyrics than Drake, this was just 1 song…

  • DeeJay Dario

    Stop this son

  • Jared Samuel

    This is a pretty good blog generally, but anti-drake bandwagon posts like this are bullshit. Why don’t we hate on Drake for using Tuscan Leather as a song title next? Put his face on the bottle.

  • Nathan McAlone

    I totally understand what you’re saying, but it really wasn’t meant to be an anti-drake post. There were a lot of people (mostly on Twitter) that were mad about the song title because they felt like the song itself had
    nothing to do with Wu-Tang. So we decided to chop it up and pack it full of
    Wu-Tang to see if there was any resonance beyond just the sample. I personally thought the mixture made sense in a bizarre, funny way, but of course everyone will read it differently.

  • spec

    you guys are fuckin retards. drake is wack but yall some idiots for posting this shit too

  • Confusion

    Not at all anti-Drake. I think it’s safe to say that at least half of us at P&P are big fans of Drake’s music. Still, as a character he is hilarious, and ignoring that just because you’re a fan of him is also bullshit. Like come on, imagining Drake in Wu-Tang is just funny.

  • UMC

    Well, made me think about the game, girl

    I’ma rub your ass in the moonshine
    don’t tell me this ain’t gold

  • David


  • Franko Sinatra

    you just made a wu tang song look soft.

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