Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” Sends Twitter into Confusion and Violent Rage


There were already murmurings of discontent when Drake released the tracklist for Nothing Was The Same, and people saw that the Canadian rapper had a track called “Wu-Tang Forever.” With the release of the offending song earlier this evening, Twitter quickly went into spasms of confusion, disgust and rage, with most people angry that Drake decided to name a typically emotional love song after the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Here are just some of the people who are really really mad at Drake for his latest song.

  • L E I G H T O N

    *teenagers and hip-hop old-heads

  • Chad L Roberts

    To say “Drake ruined Wu-Tang” is flagrant and beyond improper use of one’s mind. So, Drake didn’t pen lyrics related to the Wu-Tang Clan, but used their moniker in the title – Ya’ll didn’t allow yourself to Hear the song because your preconceived notions weren’t met. The genre is getting soft because the fans are softer than name brand toilet paper. *think who can afford to /or would spend $$$ on keeping their butt-holes unscathed*

  • DooM

    broke niggas two cents don’t matter

  • Chad L Roberts

    I’m convinced that being named Lester is a right of passage for old-heads

  • http://www.str8buttah.com/ teck

    This is just too hilarious to get mad over. Drake 1, Internets crazy users 0. He got y’all talking……As for me, I’m confused as well but I shall keep my comments where it belongs.

  • Dr Spock

    lol no females complaining tho

  • Devin Middleton

    He sampled a Wu-Tang song n wanted to pay homage with the title. Whats not to get? Some ppl have some strange priorities if they get their jimmies rustled by a song title.

  • Two cents

    I like Drake a lot, but I personally just don’t get why he would use “Wutang Forever”. The song is tight though.

  • Jon Tanners

    very complicated logic

  • Devin Middleton

    Theres no way for me to know whats going through Drakes head, but look at it like this. Drake takes 1 of his fav. Wu-Tang songs n flips it into a more standard Drake track. Wu-Tang clan (and this part is important) CLEARS THE SAMPLE and gives Drake the go, n Drake, being humble and gracious, decides to rename the track in homage to them. Once again, no way of me really knowing how it all went down, but this theory isn’t reaching too much.

  • Jon Tanners

    Just being facetious brothaman

  • Devin Middleton

    Its also no different than how he got the title for Marvin’s Room. Its just the name of the studio he recorded it in, n also where Marvin Gaye used to record.

  • Devin Middleton

    haha respect

  • Devin Middleton

    Also, hands down the funniest picture of Drake you could’ve chosen for the post. I applaud.

  • EliteApex

    Now what im not understanding is how can anyone get mad at Drake for what he did? but when wen Kendrick Lamar said what he said and crowed himself as the king of NY errbody damn near kissed his ass lol you notice the tweets are made by non-celebs lol until someone from Wu-Tang say something aint nothing to worry bout

  • somedude

    What’s their to “Hear”? It’s another love song, you could’ve used 3/4 of his catalogue if you wanted to hear a love song by Drake.

  • d

    All of those people are fucking idiots.

  • Roger

    A redditor said it best: “… thats like sampling Nuthin But a G Thang, calling the song “Detox”, and singing about your highschool crush”.

    In terms of paying homage, it’s incredibly dull, and seemingly insincere, given that Drake is piss-poor in terms of hip-hop artistry.

  • Maurits van Grinsven

    U can’t blame them, to truly listen to music is almost a forgotten craft these days. Do you homework, listen to it again and if u maintain the same opinion then listen again. I salute Drake for giving so much credit to Wu-Tang for a sample.

  • Mark Kipling

    man, who cares what 26 randomers on twitter thought about a damn song.

  • blacksuperman762

    Remember this is 2013… nothing is supposed to make sense… hence Beiber, Drake, Macklemore being famous, winning awards… SMH

  • Stank Bundles

    Wu needs to put out a track about homothugs called Aubrey.

  • 123itzme

    In Love with whom might I ask?? The double meaning behind it’s yours is actually talking about music but you would get that. Drake is an artist period all these over gassed hip -hop heads can’t even interpret the simplest things cause they are so quick to over analyze everything. And btw all yall dudes that have a problem with men singing about loving a woman might as well go ahead and make that “Mister Cee” confession cause women are hip to you.

  • 123itzme

    You sound like the dudes “Mister Cee” and Ebro were talking about on the radio yesterday!!! The {” I have to appear extra tuff or people are gonna know my secret type” the way every homothug actually behaves and appears} ..Guess what, women love what he has to say and real men know that but you on the other hand have a secret! It’s okay girl we know, ohhh boy do we know the type!

  • 123itzme

    What doesn’t make sense is how one can’t grasp the simple thing called difference, people differ from you. You are the end all and be all to what is good or acceptable. Drake has gone double platinum twice Thank Me Later and Take Care. that’s over 4million people that have a difference in opinion than you not including single sales and bootleg copies. Like yourself more and you won’t feel the need to down others to great in your own mind.

  • Devin Middleton

    I like Drake, so I’m biased against your last statement. But I don’t think this is homage in the sense of subject matter. This is homage for the sound the Wu created. The vibe. Plus, they had to have heard the song to clear the sample. I don’t think there’s anything wrong giving respect to the greats in any capacity.

  • joecartoon22

    nickelback has sold over 55 million records worldwide as well

  • mvious

    If everyone didnt romanticize the past, things would be okay.

  • Tony

    lets keep it real… Fake Drake is just fishing for real Hip Hop fans.. Just like his “STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM TRACK” I dont think being a little half Jewish kid child TV star is starting at the bottom… but hey.. thats just me..

  • tokenblackboy

    I liked Drake better when he was in a wheelchair, not rapping.

  • Gadzooks

    Meanwhile in Syria…

  • blacksuperman762

    ok… b ut it’s my opinion… you don’t get to tell me what to damn think… I don’t like Drake… no amount of records sold and your dickriding will change that… I could care less what you like… and 7 billion other people have a different opinion than I do… you assume I give a fuck

  • Lynden Mazur

    He didn’t crown himself King of New York in a literal sense. He was talking about leaving his mark as big as the King’s did before him and paying homage to them by doing it right. He also was just saying everyone needs to realize what hip-hop came from and what it’s about. Everyone is comparing how big their dick is and how nice their car is but no one really puts out meaningful lyrics. He is calling everyone out but not to shit on them. He is hoping they will all get inspired by this and put out dope tracks. He said it himself.



  • cametowreck

    yall act like this is new, as if drake has been good at paying homage in the past when in reality he’s been failing at this since the beginning by his constant copying of houston rap & dj screw and never giving the deserved credit. dude will straight jack a clip from a screw tape and not say shit about it otherwise so his mainstream listeners just think its something original 40 came up with. drake’s always been an unoriginal trying-too-hard biter and always will be.

  • Devin Middleton

    If you think the only “bottom” of the world is growing up in the hood, then you need to get out n experience the many ups and downs of life. I also have no clue why you’re pointing out his half jewish race as a negative thing. And lastly, there is equal chance of him fishing for credibility as there is to him just showing appreciation to the sound RZA made that influenced, but to assume the worst of his character is just being a hater.

  • Evo

    I just think we were all hoping for some sort of Wu Tang tribute song. Perhaps him reminiscing on how they owned Hip Hop back in the day or something..

  • Melo Street Vybz

    the song is hot! fuck everybody!

  • http://www.shannonfierce.com/ Shannon Fierce

    I really don’t see the problem with the song. My take on it when I first heard it – I didn’t believe it was Drake… to me he sounded a bit more like J. Cole with his flow. I don’t know if it was just me. I thought someone had Drake confused on this record for Cole. But I like how Drake rides the 808 on the track though. I’m not mad at him for his attempt to pay homage to the Wu.

  • Anthony Polodownswaggoffical H

    Hes paying homage by sampling the beat. He also is saying hes like wu tang because Wu Tang changed the rap game completely which he kind of did do. It is not only a love song he is saying that the love story type rap blew up because of him kind of like wu tangs urban unique style blew up because of them.

  • VQ

    you can sample wu all you want drake…but you’re bitch ass fucked up crying over a bitch on a track with a wu tang clan sample…..AND THE WU DON’T CRY OVER BITCHES…..straight disrespect

  • Ayo

    I disagree, he could’ve easily changed the song name but make it Wu Tang Forever? Why? Why not just call it something else. Drakes alright but hes no top rapper. He doesn’t (i feel and a lot of others do) deserve to have a song titled that and talk about irrelevant shit.

  • Adam Ali

    Why are you crying like a baby

  • Malc

    Inspecta Deck just did though…

  • krow132

    People are bitter fam. I mean yeah I get the whole didn’t make a song that everyone expected and he could of named it something else, but fans are delusional. Dude probaly has never been in the hood but judging Drake about not “starting from the bottom……being a little half jewish”

  • krow132

    one thing though, there is a chance that Wu didn’t hear the song the clear the sample. I dont know if RZA owns those masters or what not. It might have been the label that cleared it and an artist does not have to here a song and clear it if the Label owns all the rights to it

  • krow132

    LMAOOOO word. dudes get so mad at a man that women dig. I dont get it.

  • krow132

    your contradicting yourself dude. You just said its your opinion, but in your first post you claimed it dont make sense that drake and macklemore fare famous and winning awards. So your defending your opinions and your right to them, but discrediting others opinions that are technically more credible then yours (like you know, those people handing out awards who make a living in the music industry)and their right to them by saying it dont make sense. Your playing yourself. If you really didn’t give a fuck like you claim, you wouldn’t be in here bitching about how popular Drake and Macklemore is.

  • Whatever

    blame it on a publishing house

  • swaggerlee

    People lack listening and reading comprehension skills. Nowhere in the song is he crooning to or crying over a woman. All people hear is ‘its yours, and nobody else’s’ and they fill in the verses with whatever they want to hear. In reality he only talks about a girl in the first part of the first verse to set up the rest of the song and in a few bars later on talking about fucking some other dudes girl for the night. . .The real topic Drake gets stale on is his trouble adjusting to the fame in his personal life. . . but at least hes real about it. Expecting top 10 of the year type material from Nothing Was the Same.

  • pl0x


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