Reasons Europe is Musically Cooler Than America


The United States may have bigger venues, bigger superstars, and really, just bigger everything, but when it comes to music, Europe is undeniably cooler. It's where the experimentation and exciting advances happen, it's where the underground trends and styles that shape the future direction of music bubble up, before eventually, two, three, or five years later being "discovered" by America and mutated into mass-market appropriate forms. Whether it's because of Europe's long and rich musical history, a greater sense of community and collaborative spirit between artists, or just because there are so many incredible music festivals to help inspire people, this is why Europe is musically cooler than America.

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  • Guest

    while chuckleworthy at the expense of mainstream USA, it is slightly inaccurate. Most of your ‘European’ references are from the UK. The UK is not Europe. It is technically a part of Europe, but geographically, and culturally it is not European. I am from the UK and we refer to people from the continent of Europe as European (Italians, Germans, French, Spaniards, Dutch etc.). People from the UK are British. This article (apart from the Swedish pop refs) is mainly about British music.

  • Masterclass

    Shit people do that all day about Africa. They think its a Country yo. lol

  • lol

    lol omg. of course THe UK is europe, geographically and as part of the european union. yes i know we dont consider ourselves to be european culturally like out mainland brethren but to say “The UK is not Europe” is pretty retarded.

  • SMH

    “People from the UK are British.” haha yes and people from france are french and people from spain are spanish. how old are you btw?? people from the contintent of europe are european. SMH

  • Seven

    I think its also partly for the sake of the title not being labelled as U.K vs USA

  • SMH

    this is nothing like people thinking africa is a country…

  • BNP

    I think this guy is a right wing facist or didnt finish highschool

  • euro

    actually although he mostly names britsh acts, almost all points can apply to france, germany etc. and tbh every country has its fair share terrible music & all this house & techno europeans love was created by the americans. the most influential music scene of all style & culture wise imo in recent times is still hip hop and no one does that better than the americans.

  • Lozza

    What’s so bizarre about Girls Aloud haha?

  • saddam

    UK vs USA

  • cruz

    Fuckin commies…USA USA USA!

  • Moises Linares

    Yo. But jazz and the blues arguably influence almost all music today.

  • just_bris

    On est dans le futur, c’est tout

  • Guest 2

    If you look reeeeally closely you can see 2 French DJ’s hiding in this article (simple counter-exemple). And seriously man if you think UK is the belly button of European (sorry) music scene well I’d advise you to get your head out of your ass.

  • bUggin oUt

    not to sound like a dick or anything but i think i could’ve written a more convincing argument. idk if pigeons and planes is the arena to have intellectual debate on culture but still more than what you did, your writing was not true.

  • Drew Kaufmann

    I don’t know this sounded a little pretentious to me

  • Dyaz

    Yeah, that point is rather odd. America has a lot of the same early classical music influences, as it wasn’t independent yet until late in the 18th century. And it undoubtedly takes more influence from African music than Europe does.

  • Moises Linares

    Clarify your point. You didn’t argue that jazz and blues are not an influence to a whole lot of music today, including modern European music.

  • Dyaz

    I’m not trying to argue anything, I was stating that you were correct about the incorrectness of that reason lol

  • Moises Linares

    Oh. Guess I was quick to look for an opposing argument :p

  • Dyaz

    Haha, no problem, it’s all love

  • nola boy

    I live in new orleans. So to be fair i am biased. I hate European music. Even if you fill ky head with a bucket of acid i hate European techo crap of all kinds. I have been to Sunjam, Ultra, and Ibiza and i still hate that garbage. I listen to Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Bluegrass, and a million other types of music. Haiti has better music than Europe. Brazil doubly so. Cuba. Mali. Honestly, eurpean music is the worst. It s for dorks. Look to places with people of african descent and european descent to find good music. Europe has crappy music and women wih flat asses.

  • Nola guy

    I forgot to explicitly point out that blues, jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, r&b, soul, gospel, and country are all from the states. These guys are morons.

  • Colby Stearns

    I’m from California, and the majority of music I’ve listened to recently is European in origin, especially metal and electronic music. Don’t get me wrong, America has great music too, but Europe seems to offer more variety overall.

  • Schmidtsan

    And way better music if you go back 20-400 years!

  • Thomas

    Main differences between USA and European Artists: The female US Artists have to be very good looking (for the US Taste): slim, Barbie look alike with coloried blond hair and fake boobs, bright white teeths, always smiling, dressed cheap (barely something on), showing their ass in every camera BUT they always pray to Jesus (LOL) – they all look the same!!! While the male artists (especially the Rap people) can’t give one clear sentence without “yo yo yo what’s up man” and dressed and behave like pimps. The songs are about how much money they earn and who they hate, always using strong words. Tottoos is a musthave. It’s so boring! European artists look more natural, they don’t care about their fame caused by their look. It’s all about music. And this is what I miss from the US music. 1) Variety 2) Uniqueness of the artists (and I mean no parrots like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry). For example PINK was very popular here, because she has very good lyrics and she is true to herself. In comparison to the 80s and 90s where we heard a lot of US Music (thanks to grunge) today the European charts are barely filled with US music. Watching the VMAs today I hardly know somebody. No US artist who is popular in Europe. And WHY OH WHY do the US Singers must make music with David Guetta???? It’s so 90s-Millennium Music!!!

  • If American music sucks so bad then why is American music half of what Europe listens to?

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