Kanye West to Jimmy Kimmel: “SHOULD I DO A SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE”


When Jimmy Kimmel put together a short skit parodying Kanye West’s recent, incendiary interview with Zane Lowe, he probably wasn’t expecting this reaction. For his skit, Kimmel has taken a small part of the clip—out of context—and flipped it into a joke. Kanye refers to the interview with the BBC Radio 1 personality as “the first piece of honest media in years,” and he didn’t see the humor in using it for laughs. He has seen the skit, and he’s not happy. He’s taken to Twitter to let everyone know exactly what he thinks. Read the reactions below:

Watch the parody that sparked it below:

  • Roy Poole

    Jimmy Kimmel is indeed a bitch for taking that small excerpt from that interview and warping it into something that wasn’t meant to be funny. That was Kanye being honest. He was just speaking with passion. Dude is passionate about his art and creativity. I don’t see how that’s funny at all. Kimmel fucking sucks.

  • Kris

    Jimmy kimmel’s ratings tonight thoo

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    That parody was funny and nowhere near offensive. It cast Kanye in the light of being a petulant child. Which he is sometimes. And its fun to see 7 year olds act that hype about leather jogging pants.

  • Calm down, Kanye

    This guy needs to fucking calm down. If you go into a world-wide radio interview screaming and praising yourself, which is later to become a parody made by a man who does comedy for a living, I don’t think you have any reason to start dissing Kimmel and cry about paparazzis like that. What a joke.

  • Roy Poole

    Just look at it like this. If you poured your heart out to someone and you were speaking on things you were passionate about, you wouldn’t take to lightly to other people lampooning something you were serious about. Kanye is serious about his art and his fashion and being original and creative. And he just so happened to be passionate about some ideas he had about leather goddamn jogging pants. Silly to some, but important to him. If you honestly can’t see why he’s offended, then you might be an idiot.

  • Aaron

    Its frustrating when you cant get people to understand you in life , especially as an artist. Thats why I feel for Kanye because for awhile people have misjudged him in a way. Its obvious hes an artist and that was probably the last thing he wanted to see is someone make an opportunity to take a jab at him. you can see it through the whole interview that he wanted people to understand him and not deprive as a artist. That was a duke move from Jimmy.

  • Samuel Molleton

    “Oooh he’s such a great artist, let him speak..” Seriously guys, just take a look at Kayne’s pictures on Google to see how bad he is concerning fashion. It doesn’t matter the number of collaborations with so called streetwear/luxury brands (APC, etc.) he really has a bad taste but he keeps believing he’s ahead of his time.

    Although he is passionate, he really should calm down and being humble. So ok, he his by far one of the dopest rappers/producers, but above all, this is just a guy who looks forward to await approval from a sector he has always loved, but never succeeded to really get in. And this is not on this way he will do it.

  • Eric Boss

    that shit was corny. Thats not comedy yo

  • Eric Boss

    I’d hardly call Jimmy Kimmel comedy. When was the last time you heard him set up a joke with context and then hit with a good punchline. He doesn’t his comedy comes from being ignorant to the things going on around him and/or him being uneducated and current.

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    the real crime is the skit is the skit could’ve been alot funnier

  • ILaughedCuaseItWasFunny

    This is a joke. It’s a late night show.

    Get over yourself

    Egomaniacs will agree with Kanye.
    I mean the guy thinks he’s bigger than MJ.

    People with a sense of humor will laugh and realize that it’s just a joke done by a comedian. A job that involves making people laugh at the expense of others sometimes. Relax and realize this is not anything that matters in the scheme of life.

    Haters gonna hate. But don’t hate the player hate the game.

  • ILaughedCuaseItWasFunny

    Kanye suffers from Megalomania

  • ILaughedCuaseItWasFunny

    Your opinion is just that your opinion.

    Just like Kimmel can have his.


    Haters gonna hate. But can’t let that stop you.
    I would have thought Kanye would have figured this out by now.

  • AT

    If you can’t see the humor in what Kimmel did, I hope Kanye’s paying you to hold that point of view.

    Kanye, like Drake, is extremely easy to mock because of the light he casts upon on himself. Kanye has been my favorite artist for the better part of a decade now, but this in no way casts him in a good light.

    Albeit this brashness is part of why we love him, Kanye is still a grown up and this just makes him look petty and sad. The dude took time out of his day to make Memes about another man. That’s not “biggest rock and roll star on the planet” shit.

  • PRES10

    I mean…..Ive never seen leather jogging pants….jk….I think this is all funny. Yeezy’s so awesomly talented and entertaining.

  • Adam

    Maybe JK was passionate about putting together a comedy bit about an interview he heard. Kanye is allowed the be passionate about whatever his art of the moment is, but Jimmy Kimmel isn’t allowed to go about his art of making jokes?

  • Confusion

    That’s not really fair. Kanye wasn’t talking about leather jogging pants for the fuck of it, he was using it as an example of his experience in fashion, and with going for what he wants to do and reaching a ceiling, and with his experience as a black man in America. Whatever you think about Kanye and his opinions and feelings, he was being honest here and speaking about something that is much bigger than leather jogging pants. Taking that one thing out of context and making fun of it, then further trivializing it by making a child say those words… to me it’s just ugly and obnoxious. And Kanye might come across as crazy to some people, but as an artist I think he’s got more integrity than 99% of the media-trained corporate ass-kissers that this generation has for music stars. I don’t think Kimmel thought about it that much and I don’t think he meant much by it, but I’ll forever side with Kanye being passionate over Kimmel being unfunny. And to discourage Kanye from being great is a disservice to our society.

  • Adam

    I agree completely that Kanye has more passion and honesty and artistic integrity than 99% percent of artists in the music business today. If my comment came off implying something other than that, maybe I should’ve spent more time crafting a better comment. I think a large majority of what Kanye does is enjoyable and entertaining, and important for modern pop culture.

    I also realize that Kimmel busted his ass to get where he is today. Maybe he’s not as authentic as Kanye, or as deep. But he has every right to create comedy on his show as he sees fit. He’s earned that by working his way up through the ranks of his profession.

    And in the end, I don’t think this spoof or anything else anyone does is going to discourage Kanye from being great. If something as simple as being made the butt of a joke on late night TV could do that, Kanye never would’ve gotten to where he’s at today (even though he’d like to go even further).

  • Chris

    You suffer from not understanding creativity, motivation and passion. You for sure probably do not do what you love to do for a living, because the people who love what they do will always be good at it and succeed, just like Kanye. For you to call him insane for this clearly states that you’re not on the same level.

  • Dreen

    But what is “Biggest rock and roll star on the planet shit”? This is the digital age, even 5 years ago there wasn’t a media outlet to do things like this. I guarantee that Kiss, Metallica, Guns-n-Roses and any other “Rock Stars” would have used the same media to retaliate again someone else who trashed them, if they would have had them at the time.. Look in the past about behaviors of “Rock Stars” not like reviews from Magazines or Comedians.

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    So what is comedy? Just like other art forms, its very subjective. Just because you didn’t find it funny doesn’t make it any less comedic.

  • https://twitter.com/AsukaPayton Asuka Payton

    Kanye hops on this track and spits some beef bars at Jimmy Kimmel..Its over!

  • Starface

    get off KANYES weiner yall. hes got zero sense of humor now. like South Park hasnt already made fun of him before

  • Starface

    get off KANYES weiner yall. hes got zero sense of humor now. like South Park hasnt already made fun of him before

  • Starface


  • Timothy Campanaro

    He got trolled so bad.

  • nic

    we should really be focusing on this aspect of it http://storify.com/pushinghoops/why-kanye-is-right-and-kimmel-emblematic

  • Roy Poole

    Kimmel didn’t just make a joke. He took one thing Kanye said completely out of context and literally put a child in his place to spoof him. That’s the plight of the creative, free thinking black man in America. You can’t be passionate about shit, you can’t be confident as fuck about the things you create, you have to be humble about everything or else some idiotic, insensitive white comedian will lampoon you and basically say that a black man in America who speaks and acts with passion, confidence and purpose should not be taken seriously and should be perceived a child. Kimmel gets to be cocky as hell about his terrible jokes, but Kanye can’t be cocky about his creativity because he’s black. That’s literally what it all boils down to. If you think I’m reaching or you think Kimmel was just making jokes to make jokes, you clearly don’t understand. You don’t get it. Fuck Jimmy Kimmel, fuck his supporters, fuck the people in the studio audience, fuck his band fuck all that. #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL

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