Kanye West Charged With Battery and Grand Theft, Could Face One Year in Prison



A spokesman for the L.A. Attorney’s Office confirmed today that Kanye West has been charged with misdemeanour battery and attempted grand theft in connection to his scuffle with photographer Daniel Ramos at LAX on July 19. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of six months each, meaning that West faces up to a year in prison if convicted on both counts.

You can watch footage of the incident, during which Ramos claims to have injured his right hip as Kanye punched him and wrestled him to the ground, here. Kanye West’s arraignment is scheduled for October 10, a mere nine days before his tour with Kendrick Lamar starts, so if you’ve bought tickets already (or just think that a one-year sentence for such a minor altercation is ridiculous), fingers crossed that he isn’t convicted.

  • pjk

    The title of this article says “Kanye West Charged…” yet the last sentence is “Fingers crossed that he isn’t charged.”


  • thetrilltroll

    title should be ” Kanye West could face charges…”

  • Squirrel master

    Dummy. Bet all the bubbas in la county is countin on this mos def! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fresh fish!

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  • K

    What happened to this blog? it USED to be so great

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