Kanye West Talks Art, Perfection, and Rap Being the New Rock and Roll During Zane Lowe Interview

After previewing this pretty incredible interview between Zane Lowe and Kanye West at the end of last week, the BBC have now shared the first fifteen minutes of the interview, which is also being broadcast in full on BBC Radio 1 right now. Watch the engaging, quotable-filled, sometimes incredibly intense interview above, and look out for part two coming tomorrow.

UPDATE: Listen to the full, hour-long audio interview between Kanye West and Zane Lowe below, courtesy of MissInfo.

UPDATE 2: Here’s Part 2 of the interview.

UPDATE 3: Here’s Part 3 of the interview.

UPDATE: Here’s Part 4 of the interview.

  • Brandon Nigri

    Just me or did that get weird at the end…

  • Dom McLennon

    weird or epic?

  • youngertwinftw

    whenever Kanye talks it seems like he’s about to start crying

  • thisguyhere

    i admire how much he continuously tries to keep pushing himself

  • Jared M.


  • auz

    if you think your on such another level kanye, then why do you expect people to understand the things you do!?

  • Lucas Ross

    Poor Zane was shitting himself at the end of this interview! lol

  • unkleluc


  • Avery

    LOL. Yeezus the most creative album? WHAT!? I went over to Spotify to listen to Yeezus, and THE FIRST SONG I clicked on was a sample (read: ripoff). Taking other musician’s original work and repackaging it is NOT creativity.

  • David Casanova McCauley

    Not sense Pac right? lmao

  • squidterm

    I like when he talks about music. His fashion stuff, and his views on pop culture are skewed as hell and FAR from reality.