Listen to an Unreleased Myleka & Kanye West Song Called “Candy”


Back before Kanye West was ranting about how good Pusha T’s album is and going on stadium tours with Kendrick Lamar, he was a producer hustling his beats and trying to get a little bit of love for his skills on the mic. “Candy” is an unreleased Myleka song from the early 2000s, produced by West, and also featuring a quick guest verse from the Chicagoan. As Fake Shore Drive point out, this beat was eventually used on the Trina and Ludacris record “B R Right,” and only leased to Myleka.

Listen to the raunchy unreleased song below.

(Fake Shore Drive)

  • GabeNiles YDS Sunny&Gabe

    Kanye on his Timbaland sht

  • Alpha-Q-Up

    This shit is dope,and yeah it do remind me of some Timbaland shit.

    Ye’s verse was on point too.

  • Franko Sinatra

    if kanye would be like his old self i would be sooooo happy

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