Lupe Fiasco – “Pound of Flesh / Paris Tokyo 2″

lupe2013 Lupe Fiasco   Pound of Flesh / Paris Tokyo 2

Photo by Frederic J. Brown

Lupe Fiasco has elbowed his way back onto feeds worldwide tonight with a tweet linking to the Chicago rapper’s latest track, “Pound of Flesh/Paris Tokyo 2.” The song borrows Drake‘s “Pound Cake/Paris Morton 2″ beat—a technique Lupe’s grown rather fond of recently—and is available as a free download.

He covers everything from machine guns to pooper-scoopers in the verse, and ends the track with a roll call of Chicago rappers: mainstays Common and Kanye are on there a couple syllables away from the new school of Chance the Rapper and Lupe’s one-time rival Chief Keef.

Download “Pound of Flesh/Paris Tokyo 2″ here and stream it below: