Meek Mill – “Ooh Kill Em” (Kendrick Lamar Diss)



Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” verse had a lot of people feeling a certain way, but not many dared to come at Kendrick directly. Meek Mill waited things out for a while (it’s been a few weeks), but tonight he dropped his response. Meek Mill’s song is called “Ooh Kill Em.” It’s over the “Forgot About Dre” beat. It references the famous Terio Vine (below). Besides that, there’s not too much to talk about here. Next.

  • tim

    fucking wack, meek caught feelings and looks stupid now

  • khal

    Wow. This is awful.

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    This is exactly why the young dudes in rap need to do better. Why would you base your diss off of a meme or whatever? Come on, son.

  • suvaidya

    The remixed beat is easily the best part

  • Brian

    Wow you guys suck meek mill went hard this is good stuff

  • Confusion

    Not really.

  • some guy

    The best way to get back at Kendrick is to make better music, because he’s miles ahead of his peers right now.

  • td

    Meek mill went in on that track………other niggas can rap besides Kendrick lmao

  • Fresh

    Wack. What happen to music these niggas are weak nowadays

  • matthewctorres

    The best part of this song is watching the Vine under it.

  • Harlem

    I see Some people like HOW someone said something rather than WHAT that person said….Meek didn’t say much besides what he has and how much it costs..smh

  • blakesoto

    Weak Mill is looking like a fool…beefing with rappers who haven’t been relevant for six years and waiting almost a month to respond to Kendrick.

    Weak Mill is an afterthought now, Wale is the clear-cut standout out of MMG now.

    Weak Mill ain’t even the best rapper in his own crew!

  • hatersgonhate

    im glad he said something. u dont let ppl talk shit about you, point blank. u all missing the point trying to judge this. this is hip hop not the idol

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