Cooking Up MF DOOM’s Food References in the P&P Test Kitchen


By Joyce Ng

I'm back.

Weird, right? We don't know when Action Bronson will be releasing a new project (and no, Romanian Waitresses isn't actually a thing), so what the hell am I cooking in the kitchen? Well, though Bronson does it well, he's not the only one who mentions delectable dishes in his raps.

On the suggestion of a friend, I've decided to take on MF DOOM's eats-themed MM..FOOD. The masked villain may not be a chef like Bronson, but he certainly seems to know a thing or two about food, so here I am, cooking up some shit based on DOOM's suggestions. Here are food references from MM..FOOD cooked up in the Pigeons & Planes test kitchen. Enjoy.

Oh, and I have a food Tumblr thing if you wanted to keep up with my food adventures.

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  • Nicolas Clark

    this entire album is awesome.

  • Nicolas Clark

    this article is as well, so this is a very sexy double whammy.

  • batmayne

    My saliva!

  • Dom McLennon

    “Shit will get really pornographic at this point. You may feel your
    heart beginning to race. Your mouth will become dry at the thought of
    that chocolate ganache touching your lips. God forbid that you listen to
    R. Kelly at the same time, because things are going to get messy if you
    10/10 would read again

  • jay smooth

    No picture of the coco bread? Regardless, great work :)

  • Crunch


  • Joyce Ng

    I never made it…. :x

  • Django

    This gave my brain a fair amount of Toxins.

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    Oh, my God, Joyce. Good job. Everything looks so delicious.

  • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

    Where are the measurements though

  • Joyce Ng

    Ahh, sorry. Thought it would be too much to include actual recipes. Email me if you actually want ’em:

  • Wachievelli

    You are a goddess. That is all.

  • MC Donald

    No Rap Snitch Knishes? I am dissapoint.

  • Jon Allen

    The Ragu reference is actually from an old wives tale from Europe in which if a woman put period blood in her pasta sauce the man who ate it would be hers forever. Doom, dropping the ancient legends on y’all

  • Benedict

    Please feel free to come to the UK and teach girls how to both be into DOOM and be interested in cooking…

  • yogi

    just fyi a mistake in the shoofly pie recipe- you don’t put it in the oven for an hour with plastic wrap, no ?

  • AndrĂ©

    This is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever seen in my life

  • scruff diddy


  • Scruffdiddy

    Yo, god bless the man that marries you. How could a woman be into Doom and cook her ass off? You are brilliant sister!

  • Rich

    Put the recipes and and some
    Rap snitch knishes. Great article!

  • Patosh

    What about the recipe for technically foul bowels???

  • SeriouslyDOOMED

    Beef rap has to do with a diss song not a fucking wrap with beef in it.

  • Ben

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean any of the food references literally. I mean, seriously, horsemeat chalupa? You think he’s talking about real food?

    The point is, you clearly don’t get the point.

  • balents

    Awesome post, I was just expecting to see some Rapp Snitch Knishes hahaha

  • Doc Battle

    need to make a sand sandwich salad … it might need salt like ya mans bland ballad

  • Joyce Ng

    Next time, b. Promise.

  • Joyce Ng

    “Beef rap isn’t necessarily the same thing as beef wrap…”

    But thanks for further clarifying! I was reeeally close to eating a diss song by accident. PHEW.

  • DA Monk


  • Pet E. Bone

    This is great. However, now I’m starving.

  • Moe Pea

    Diggin’ in those egg crates made for an entertaining and informative piece of writing. Thanks for the culinary square meal.

  • captain O

    and shoe pie obviously refers to saying something stupid. this whole article is a lie!!111!!m

  • Noodles

    Please be my wife.

  • Joyce Ng

    Next time, next time!

  • Joyce Ng

    Only if you propose with a ring pop.

  • Phlorge

    Man this is so dope.

  • JG

    I want to see pictures of said bear hands. Oh, and marry me.

  • Pablo E. Lopez

    Its like ya know whuz bout to happen, jus keep ya eye out like eye eye cap’n

  • Torito

    Let me know if you find out the recipe for A New Batch of His Own Special Herb Goulash

  • Big Al

    The beef patty is almost exactly the same as a Mexican empanada!

  • Tony Manzana

    ur a dicchead w ur comment about pancakes… but i continued to read ur column anyhow griddle cakes or hari kari niqqas…

  • Hawkman

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen

  • Hutch

    Impressive. They all look delicious. Props on the cooking skills (and your musical taste).

  • Joyce Ng

    I JUST caught that. Wow. No, thankfully I am fully aware that plastic wrap would probably melt in the oven. Thanks, yogi.

  • Michael Charles

    Well-written Joyce. What was your favorite?

  • staHHr

    Dope. Doom wouldn’t have pork in any of his recipes though. It’s haraam. Still, this is super clever. :-)

  • staHHr

    That predates European women boo. That’s ancient “witchcraft”. In the Caribbean men are warned against eating any red sauce a woman makes, new Orleans too. That’s ancient juju, didnt start in europe, surely it all came from the same source. Peace.

  • PoinkeyMcGee

    You are from Vancouver and you created such a masterpiece of a blog….makes me happy that I am from the same country.

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