When the Lights Go Out: Soundtracking Your Nighttime Drive


The nighttime drive is a different beast than "driving at night." Driving at night connotes a slog back from work, going to the store to get milk, or picking up some meaningless meal or trinket that will be forgotten as soon as its out of your sight. The nighttime drive is another animal entirely, something that involves a journey. The longer the better.

This is a time for contemplation and discourse, one of the only times in our screen-heavy lives that we are forced to sit and think about what's directly in front of us. There's something about the privacy of darkness that turns our focus, however temporarily, inward. If you're lucky enough to have someone up front with you to try and keep you awake, you're probably going to get into some heavy shit. But it's a delicate balance between the ponderous and the powerful, because you do happen to be operating a machine that kills thousands of people a year, often the drivers themselves. So put the phone away, turn your eyes to the road and get some meditation breathing going. This is the soundtrack for your nighttime drive.

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