Reasons America is Musically Cooler Than Europe


When I moved to England from Philadelphia in 2001, I had braces on my teeth, pimples on my face, and a matching copper chain/bracelet combination. I listened to Green Day and Dr. Dre, and all was right in the world. But I picked up London Calling in my second week, figuring there had to be some connection between the name of the album and the name of my new home. Naturally I got knocked flat on my back, and thus began my year-long crash course in rock music, which eventually expanded to include music in general. Every Brit who mentored me along the way shared a manic enthusiasm for their subject matter, eager to pour whatever information, rumor, and song they had acquired over the course of their lives in Europe.

So this is nothing personal. Europe gave me the music bug, but if you really want to step to America in terms of comparative relevance, you must be out your kot damme mind. While both continents have a rich and storied history, America is most definitely the center of the music world.

We already published the arguments for Europe being musically cooler than America. Here's the flip side.

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  • the coolest

    only hip-hop, country, blues and jazz are right in this list. the other stuff proves america is musically bigger than europe, but it has nothing to do with coolness… and some arguments are just ridiculous and wrong… beaches > bogs? c’mon… and ‘the competition’ is mostly in hip-hop, you already mentioned hip-hop. america is musically bigger, america is business; europe is cooler

  • cruz

    Said no one ever…

  • cooler than the coolest

    lolllll… got him.

  • Strye

    So in short, the best thing about American music is black people.

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