Stream HAIM’s Debut Album “Days Are Gone”

HAIM Days Are Gone

This has been an exhaustive year for music fans, in a very good way. We may already be knee deep in the fourth quarter, but the hits just keep on coming. Next Monday the HAIM sisters will get their turn in the spotlight. After 18 months of single releases, videos, tours, festivals and the like, Danielle, Alana, and Este Haim are scheduled to turn out their debut album, Days Are Gone.

If you’ve taken a moment to test out records like “Forever” or “Don’t Save Me,” then you know exactly what’s in store here. The trio plus drummer Dash Hutton are making enjoyable, engaging, music. Through their refreshing formula, these ladies have honed in on a successful sound that combines pleasant harmonies and an upbeat tone with a dusting of rock nostalgia. It’s an appealing proposition, one that has earned HAIM a firm place alongside some of 2013’s most exciting indie artists. Their debut album doesn’t disappoint. Hit the jump below to give it an early spin.


  • Bryan Hume

    Been streaming this all day. Fell in love with the video for The Wire, and knew this was sure to be an incredible debut.