Things You Didn’t Know About Pharrell


By Constant Gardner, Joyce, and Katie K

Pharrell Williams' influence loomed large over the music of summer 2013, with the singer and producer having had a hand in two of the season's most heavily-played songs, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," not to mention Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail, Azealia Banks' "#ATM Jam" the Despicable Me soundtrack, and lots more.

We've already looked at the numerous and varied songs that we might forget to thank Pharrell for, but there is so much more that is interesting about this restlessly creative musician, businessman, entrepreneur, and artist. So, from the sculpture encrusted with 23, 000 rubies that he designed to the fact he lost his virginity to a McDonalds co-worker at 16, here are things you didn't know about Pharrell.

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  • Django

    1. he is actually GAY with chad hugo
    2. he eats Live rats before every show
    3. he was born in china
    4. his dad is former Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield
    5. his other gay did is former president Harry Truman
    6. He was synthesized
    7. he ordered take out from Dominos last night
    8. he is addicted to horse urine
    9. he shoots tires in his spare time

  • Joyce Ng

    Wowowow gr8 facts, don’t know how we didn’t find those. PHEW, thank goodness you shared!

  • Fire five

    You guys swore a bit unnecessarily in this article, like you were trying to be funny and it wasn’t working. Sorry to dampen the mood but don’t feel you need to!

  • Django

    Joyce, your feedback was extremely insightful. Do you have any other tips on how I can improve my INTERNET USAGE? I am very happy that you could appreciate the 9 new facts about Pharrell.

  • CliffKid

    that mash up is is fucking horrendous

  • fasari

    You know what’s awesome, in N*E*R*D’s “Stay Together”, he talks about a girl by which he actually means hip-hop and how it died, and in the song he uses the melody of A Tribe Called Quest’s “We Can Get Down”

  • Paquito

    Only Common did this before N*E*R*D and he did it better

  • Eric

    Great talent and living life to the fullest!

  • <3

    lol pharrell probably likes bookstores b/c of the huge amount of gloryholes in the mens bathrooms.

  • Guest

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