Who Should Play Tupac in Upcoming Tupac Movie? Here are Some Ridiculous and Senseless Suggestions


As soon as the news broke earlier today that the Tupac movie was back on track, with the rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, on board, and a budget of around $45 billion to back it, most people’s first thought was: “Who should play Tupac?” It’s a good question, and will likely have a considerable bearing on the outcome of the movie, so where better to look for answers than on Twitter. Here are some ridiculous and senseless predictions and suggestions

  • RBS

    So how the hell is Michael B. Jordan a ridiculous and senseless suggestion?

  • Turbulance

    I vote Madea as well.

  • Byahbyah

    Budget of 45 billion…?

  • must40

    black robert downey jr is preberbly the only one who can pull of playin 2pac….. or denzel

  • some guy

    most of it is going towards the sex scene with madonna

  • Dahsack

    Dahsack should play tupac he will get the movie role check his audition out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0kd4Nww-Go&feature=youtube_gdata_playe

  • Aspyn

    My Client Kevonne Wright is perfect. Not only does he look like Tupac, but his acting talent and passion is more than perfect for this role.

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