Artists We’d Sign if We Had a Record Label


These days, artists get picked up quickly. When a good artist comes out, the buzz spreads fast, and by the time blogs and media outlets start picking up on something new, labels are already taking interest. It's one of many signs that the industry is still changing, and in many ways, labels are (finally) starting to adapt. But there are still plenty of good free agents out there, and we've rounded up some of the best unsigned talent that we'd sign if Pigeons & Planes Records was a thing that existed outside of our imaginations. Here are 10 artists we'd sign if we had a record label.

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  • dom

    So why not start a label and sign them? You’ve already got a huge following…

  • Theuncool

    If you guys actually started a label, I’d love loooooove to work with you. Pigs&Planes label? Fuck yes

  • $$$

    really???no Denzel Curry??

  • Garrett

    This is officially an unreliable source considering the fact that JOEY BADASS isnt included….should be number one on your list

  • Travis Richardson

    The fact that there’s an going biding war between labels to sign Joey Badass, makes him irrelevant for the purposes of this list. This list is more for “under the radar” artists.

  • NTG

    Joey won’t sign for anything under 3 mil, I agree he’s great but this is just their personal preference.

  • Lawrence Burney

    Tight list. Learned about some new guys. Gotta throw Shy Glizzy up in there mane!

  • VAN


  • Confusion

    I’m a fan of Ibn, I think he needs a little more time. He’s super ambitious, but still haven’t heard that one song that really sticks with me.

  • Rubber Ducky

    All hip hop with a dash of indie. What is this? 2005

  • Jay

    Well then

  • Jamieson

    How is Jon Connor not on this list???

  • J

    no Phlo Deli ?

  • 1993

    Chance The Rapper is weak/garbage… Where’s Joey Bada$$ at

  • Bucky Henry

    start the label! imagine the under the radar in house talent that you could bring in and meld together, throwing genres out the window

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