Video: Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Kanye West’s Twitter Rant


There probably doesn’t need to be much of a recap, but yesterday, Kanye West expressed his (very negative) opinion on Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof of ‘Ye’s interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. As promised, Kimmel addressed the situation on last night’s episode of his talk show. By address, I mean Kimmel read all of Kanye’s tweets, and did not come with a definitive answer as to why Yeezy is mad. He’s now proud to say, though, that he’s officially in a rap feud. I wonder how his show’s ratings were last night…


  • David Casanova McCauley

    Its funny that people are hating on or subjectively pointing out that kanye’s words are being back fired, if anything kanye being kanye made jimmy kimmels ratings go up, because of “key note” Kanye. lol

  • Angie Lee

    Well, Kimmel did thank him lol didn’t apologize, but did thank him haha

  • BBWfacesit

    Kanye West is creative and talented but he is also the biggest Jester in the rap game. Kimmel is hilarious and Kanye’s panties are in a wad. Kanye just needs to learn how to not give a fuck and be cool sometimes. Rap game Jar Jar Binks..

  • Karitakon

    This might be another spoof like the tweerking vid that went viral. Either way its the best cross promotion for both.

  • Fred

    Thats the thing though, he cant. Because as long as people like jimmy kimmel do skits like this its taking the credibility away from what kanye is saying and he knows this. again he is painted as you say, the jester, and the people that Ye wants to be taken seriously by – the masters of industry and leaders of the universe, are sitting at home on their leather couches watching this crazy black man talk smack. kimmel wants ratings and laughs, while kanye has much bigger ambitions and it annoys him that kimmel can’t see that honest ambition and let him do his thing – as kanye would say, for the good and growth of culture.

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    Jimmy Kimmel obviously doesn’t know who Pusha T is. Otherwise he wouldn’t have done this lol

  • Dom McLennon

    To add on to what Fred was saying, the reason kanye is mad is not because of him being spoofed; but because a) the subject the spoof kimmel made is covering the first public interview on camera kanye’s done in god knows how long, b) in said interview kanye made a lot of important statements about how he sees culture and why he feels limited in it, due to people not taking him seriously because he is a creator who happens to rap rather than some other form of art/music, and c) kimmel essentially put the words and persona of kanye into a child for america to laugh at on late night TV. Kanye spent his whole time in this Zane Lowe interview basically saying “I am a creator who should be taken seriously” and they tried to turn the statement into a tasteless joke, all because people love making fun of kanye.

  • Bloedig

    Kimmel 2 – Jar Jar (er, West) 0

  • cmonson

    that kid wasn’t funny at all

  • cruz
  • TopBananas

    “the subject the spoof kimmel made is covering the first public interview on camera kanye’s done in god knows how long”

    Kanye was on on Kris Jenner’s now cancelled show like a month ago.

  • Dom McLennon

    youre comparing a few minutes on Kris Jenner to a BBC Radio 1 interview conducted by Zane Lowe. One is daytime tv the other is journalism.

  • Khoko

    Kanye needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut. He went on and on about how people should respect him then acts like a child because someone spoofed him. You want respect? Act like an adult not a child mad because people told some jokes. That’s like the people who get pissed off at comedians for telling jokes about them. It’s a joke. It’s entertainment. If you can’t laugh at yourself. We’ll all laugh at you. It’s really just that simple. He wants respect. He needs to earn it. Not act like an ass-hat every other day.

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