Album Premiere: Cage – “Kill The Architect”


Over the past decade and a half, we’ve seen and heard Cage grow up. We see this happen in music a lot, but in the process of growing up, a lot of artists lose whatever it was that made us like them in the first place. It’s been 16 years since Cage dropped “Agent Orange,” but his snarling delivery on “Precipiss” and dark storytelling of “The Hunt” keep one thing clear: Cage is still Cage. On his new album Kill The Architect, he reconnects with DJ Mighty Mi and continues his progression without abandoning the things that made us Cage fans years ago.

Listen to the album below, and pre-order it on iTunes.

  • Robin Van Ooteghem

    jesus fucking christ this album is like magic.

  • Robin Van Ooteghem

    jesus fucking christ this album is like magic.

  • Stephen Peck

    above amazing

  • joel

    so fucking awesome

  • Kensei Abbot


  • grimspit


  • Joshua Baker

    Thank You, Music lately got real boring and lacking of brain stimulation for me. You always deliver.

  • Ariana Turner

    Fuckin awesome

  • Very disappointed

    Wow.. he fell of after Hell’s Winter and from this album it looks like he’s never coming back… How about you rap again instead talking in slow motion.. not all of your fans are emo teenagers cage.. grow up

  • Mciranny Davis

    In your fur is DOPENESS!

  • Guest

    is good to hear good art again.

  • Johnny B

    the guy with the negative comment wont show his face of corse! kill the coward!

  • Cage fan

    Great album. However, I wished there was a bit more variety in his sound.

  • Johnny B

    its good to hear good art again.

  • 2da90thpwr

    An El-P beat or two would have made this amazing.

  • TruthSerum

    LOL @ the guy who wants him to rap like he did 16 years ago throwing a “Grow Up” into his bitch fest. Oh the irony

  • notmakinganaccountjusttopost

    Because back then he wasn’t making music specifically for 13-19 year olds…

  • notmakinganaccountjusttopost

    I’m not making an account and adding a picture just so I can make a comment of my opinion… dumbass..

  • TruthSerum

    Yeah, because in 2001 when he released the teenage angsty “Suicidal Failure”, or whined about how his parents never loved him on “The Soundtrack” that was the pinnacle of maturity.

  • seb-won

    is there a way to buy the album through any other website other than itunes?
    talking about the digital version, since you mentioned that the digital version has a couple extra songs that don’t appear on the physical copy


  • meneither

    what about Ballad of Worms?
    Cage has always made music like this.
    I’m just glad he’s not making rock tunes anymore.

  • OldCageFanBoyAsshole

    skipped through the album … no banger found … switched to listening to movies for the blind … maybe next time cage

  • Randys MarshmellowMan

    i don’t like being negative about someone elses art. But if you compare this new album to his older smut peddler shit like “special ladies”. You’re either still running around fucking 18 year old girls (and no when you’re thirty that is loser time) and crying in your beer when you run out of coke, because you’re about to shit your pants.


    My favorite Cage album for sure. Still playing it since last night!

  • Jake Espinoza

    Glad to see a lot of people are digging this. Was hoping I’d be one of them.

  • Matthew MaThmatics Henderson

    true shit right there….. very disappointed…. its not that its complete garbage.. but a couple tracks are kinda wack for real…..

  • manuel

    it soo good(:

  • blah

    trash. what a shame. he’ll OD and die shortly. he wont see 2015.

  • Brian

    Thought it was good. He’s finally found middle ground between Hell’s Winter and Depart from Me. I wish he would have got someone like Kudi as a collab. Like why didn’t Kudi sing the hook to “I don’t know”. I think he needs some need creative energy, maybe get Heems from Das Racist on a track.

  • oldboyx

    did you try his bandcamp?

  • oldboyx

    it’s like hells winter and depart from me, fucked and out came this album.

  • greg boggs

    Cage always delivers.I love all of it.. however he spits it.. I dig the words man.. and I been listening since mftb..I never have been disappointed but cage.. Haters just need to go listen to something else

  • Mackenzie

    Always negative comments on a badass album. Fuck fake Cage fans. Love the new album xoxo

  • Andy G

    So you know who Chris makes his music for? How are you so sure? What constitutes music being made specifically for 13-19 year olds? Sounds like you need a little more Bieber in your mouth.

  • Andrew

    It sucks you guys just can’t support him and give positive feedback. I personally love it Mighty Mi always sick producer and Cage is back like the dude said listen to Ballad of worms, identical flow he’s at the top of his game right now. Keep going Cage don’t stop

  • Sarcasasaurus

    This is weird as fuck. That is awesome.

    If you don’t like it, that is Ok, that is your preference. But I don’t think that this album is a sign of immaturity, I think the content overall would argue the opposite. I am glad to see him evolving and continuing his journey as an artist.

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