How Arcade Fire Got Big Without Getting Called Sell-Outs


By Constant Gardner and Confusion

Time and time again, we've seen indie bands in the position of Arcade Fire, trying to balance that line between indie underdogs and rock all-stars. Usually, something or other has to give. In today's soundscape, it's incredibly difficult to be both critically acclaimed and successful in the mainstream. The radio-friendly pop that usually dominates the charts in North America is very different from the music that is being included in year-end top 10 lists by respectable magazines and music blogs.

But Arcade Fire wins in both worlds. They won a Grammy for Best Album of The Year for their last album, The Suburbs, and their James Murphy-produced album Reflektor was officially released today, with early reactions indicating it will be another critical success. They can sell out stadiums and headline festivals, but on the way here, the band never alienated their original fans. Through one of the most fickle decades in music, Arcade Fire has continued to thrive without making sacrifices. Here's why nobody calls Arcade Fire sell-outs.

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  • Matthew Almont

    Arcade Fire is one of the best, if not the best, bands around.

  • Matthew Almont

    Arcade Fire is one of the best, if not the best, bands around.

  • Sean Blake

    Good call on the Magna Carta comparison. It’s the same reason bands don’t use prices that end in .99 at the merch table. Nobody wants to feel like the band they are showing love for is some kind of corporation.

    Arcade Fire keeps it real. Gotta love their stuff.

  • josh

    I liked this article

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