Arcade Fire’s New Album is Streaming, and Twitter Already Has Extreme Opinions


Yesterday, Arcade Fire’s album Reflektor leaked. Soon after, the band offered up a full stream of the album. It’s only been out there for one day, but people make up their minds quickly. Some listeners have already decided what they think of album, and they’re taking pretty extreme stances. The only problem? They can’t agree. If the early verdicts are any indication, Reflektor may be the band’s most polarizing album yet. Read some knee-jerk reactions below, and listen for yourself to see what you think.

  • Don

    As someone who’s never heard Arcade Fire before, should I listen to Reflektor?

  • Gray

    I never cared much for their other albums but I like this one a lot. So I could definitely see how their long-time fans that want more of their old sound would be disappointed.

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    reflektor is the new yeezus

  • Cocky

    Start with the suburbs


    It is brilliant but The Suburbs is better!

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