The Best Arcade Fire Songs


By Confusion, Constant Gardner, and Joyce

In a 2010 interview with The Guardian, Arcade Fire's frontman Win Butler explained, "If you think of the sociological impact of the internet, which has led to this uniformity of taste, this homogenization of a certain kind of coolness. It's scary because it spreads like a virus and it's hard to define yourself against."

This statement is a little surprising coming from the leader of a band who blew up with the help of the internet and managed to define themselves not only against the culture, but with it. They were championed by Pitchfork, partnered with Google Chrome for their "We Used To Wait" video, and used social media to their advantage with a mysterious grassroots promotional campaign for Reflektor—a campaign that would have been practically non-existent had it not been for the internet.

Change is a common theme in Arcade Fire's music, something that they have probably spent a long time thinking about. And while their music may put change in a stark light, the band deals with it well. Each of their albums shows a progression and a willingness to try new things, and this openness to ideas has led them through four albums and to their most experimental work yet, the James Murphy-produced Reflektor.

While the new album sinks in, we look back at the band's decade-long career, from Funeral to Reflektor, and highlight our 20 favorite Arcade Fire songs.

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