The Best Music Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Right Now


With Netflix it's possible to access thousands and thousands of movies at the mere click of a mouse, and the breadth and sheer choice of movies can be pretty overwhelming. Even if you narrow things down to just music documentaries, there is a lot to choose from, and there are a lot of crappy options cluttering up your screen (One Direction, Katy Perry et al.). With that in mind, where are the 15 best music documentaries streaming on Netflix right now.

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  • siriusxblvck

    Im really glad Death was on this list. One of my favorite discoveries in the past couple years. Netflix needs to get wit the program and put The Devil & Daniel Johnston on wax tho.

  • Mac

    Searching For Sugar Man is another great doc.

  • akMontufar

    Excellent doc.

  • Jerry

    Gotta check out some of these. Death comes to mind. IMO, I Need that Record was pretty terrible, even if it has Ian Mackaye.

  • Bishop And Rook

    ‘The Other F Word’ is also a great punk documentary

  • James

    This list discusses the top documentary films about music,

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