Do You Know Who You’re Listening To? The Producers Who Shape the Music You Love


Image via Getty Images/Flickr

By Constant Gardner & Jon Tanners

In hip hop, producers have generally been given the respect and attention they deserve. From Eric B to Dr Dre, and from The Neptunes to Hit Boy, producers are stars in their own right, and fans are as interested in who's on the beat as who is actually rapping. For a long time, the same could not have been said outside hip hop, but slowly and surely the focus is starting to be turned to the people who are behind the music that we love. With Rick Rubin's return to the spotlight, and a feature length New Yorker profile on pop go-to-hitmaker Dr. Luke, maybe we're starting to see a wider appreciation for the role of the producer. Here are the currently active producers who shape some of the music that we love the best.

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