The Best Screams in Music


By Philip Cosores & Colin Joyce

Yes, it's Halloween. And, yes, we associate screaming with horror movies and all things scary that coincide with October 31st. That’s pretty much where the connection between this list and the calendar end, so let’s enjoy the relevance of this feature for a moment together.

Ah, that was nice. Okay, screaming appears in all types of music. I was just listening to the new Crystal Antlers album which features some ragged wailing, while Kanye West incorporated the scream into Yeezus. Noise and Metal continue to broaden their appeal and screaming is all over their musical palette, while even the most meek of indie bands seem to scream from time to time, like Matt Berninger does live on the National’s “Squalor Victoria.”

Colin Joyce and I both appreciate the scream in many forms and both have different knowledge banks when it comes to our musical taste. The idea is to present not the best examples of scream, because that would be pretty much all metal and pretty boring (unless you are only into metal). Instead, we chose our thirty favorite screams in service to the song, screams that greatly enhance the song and help make it great. The idea was making a list we could vouch for in some way, with great songs and great screams. I’m sure you’ll let us know what we missed.

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