Voices in the Crowd: 5 Years of Comments on Pigeons & Planes


It's Pigeons & Planes' fifth anniversary this week, and after choosing the best albums in the site's history and laughing at our own embarrassing mistakes, today we're turning the spotlight on the comments section. If you look back to the early days of P&P, you'll see a sad and empty comments section, but slowly and surely interaction has increased, as people briefly creep out from behind the safety of their computer screens, usually to spew forth hateful bile or nonsensical gibberish, but occasionally to profess their love and hit us with a rare bit of positivity. If you've ever said something nice, thank you, it warms our usually cold, empty hearts, and if you've ever said something bizarre or hateful, thanks for giving us a whole load of great material for this post.

Here are some of the best, worst, and most outlandish comments in the five years of Pigeons & Planes' life.

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  • Dee Lockett

    Fun fact: There are over 34,000 comments on P&P. I know because I spent a week reading them for this feature. P&P readers >

  • Todd Vandale

    Bummed, I wasn’t included SAD FUCKER FACE

  • Todd Vandale

    Bummed, I wasn’t included SAD FUCKER FACE

  • TheChappellShow

    Putting moderators comments as the best comments is kind of a cop-out

  • Confusion

    Will be sure to include “SAD FUCKER FACE” in best comments for the 10-year anniversary.

  • Confusion

    o oops

  • Casey Bird

    PancakeMcKennz is a P&P comment section legend.

  • Confusion

    Me and CG were actually talking about that on the train yesterday. PancakeMcKennz is the comment gawd. When he/she doesn’t comment the post feels like a fail.

  • Joyce Ng

    We love PancakeMcKennz <3

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    If Mike Shinoda comes through here every now and then, I see no reason not to believe that Kid Cudi came through here in ’09.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    That makes me smile so much, guys. But seriously, all thanks goes to you guys. You all put in so much work and dedication and passion. And you introduced me to so many bands and artists and stuff that I definitely wouldn’t have known about. Keep up the amazing work, and just know that we in the comments section will always be here to appreciate it. =)

  • Kim

    missing one of my favorites from the GOOD music vs. YMCMB post

    “I just want this to happen so I can see Mr. Hudson vs. Lil Chuckee” – will

  • Kev

    yeah, its like planning your own suprise birthday party

  • Alex

    Wow.. Couldn’t you guys of had like a sildeshow at a complex office party? 5 out of the 24 slides were you Jacob. I know your happy and proud of yourself but you are not a ‘Voice from the crowd’, its kinda a weird move to include yourself this many times..

  • Dee Lockett

    I debated putting it on the original list for about 10 mins, no lie.

  • Nick Wenger

    I would normally agree, but Cons comments are definitely always the funniest

  • Clatch

    So about those t-shirts and stickers. Where they at I want both. Stickerbomb the shit out of Philly with P&P jawns everywhere.

  • Devin Middleton

    Something about the way Nemesis Enforcer said “sucks cocks in hell” makes me think hes been there/done that.

  • Devin Middleton

    damn, Chet Bromeister too? This has to be the same guy. Hes going through some things..

  • CK

    DAMMIT, another post about comment sections and I didn’t make it. I remember you guys did this a long time ago and I was slightly bummed out then too, haha. Maybe I should just become a troll and say ridiculous things. Also, angriest Live fan EVER, I didn’t even know people still listened to Live.

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