Voices in the Crowd: 5 Years of Comments on Pigeons & Planes


It's Pigeons & Planes' fifth anniversary this week, and after choosing the best albums in the site's history and laughing at our own embarrassing mistakes, today we're turning the spotlight on the comments section. If you look back to the early days of P&P, you'll see a sad and empty comments section, but slowly and surely interaction has increased, as people briefly creep out from behind the safety of their computer screens, usually to spew forth hateful bile or nonsensical gibberish, but occasionally to profess their love and hit us with a rare bit of positivity. If you've ever said something nice, thank you, it warms our usually cold, empty hearts, and if you've ever said something bizarre or hateful, thanks for giving us a whole load of great material for this post.

Here are some of the best, worst, and most outlandish comments in the five years of Pigeons & Planes' life.

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