Songs Danny Brown Should Remix


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Danny Brown might not be the first name that comes up in discussions of best rapper alive, but there's no other rapper alive that can adapt to different production as well as Danny. He grew up listening to a lot of American rap, but U.K. hip-hop, electronic music, and rock also shaped his taste in music, and that bleeds through in his own work, making him one of the most unique hip-hop acts in the game. Just look at his list of favorite albums. The fact that he's so open-minded and experienced taking on different production styles makes Danny the perfect candidate for outside-the-box remixes, so to honor the rapper a day before his album Old drops, we take a look at some of the songs we'd love to hear Danny Brown remix.

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  • Alex

    This is why you write for a blog, and are not A&R.

  • Robert Malcolm Griswold

    Is this an article or a half baked after thought you decided was worth sharing on one of the biggest hiphop blogs on the web? You guys have the ability to turn people on to good music and make a huge difference for an artist and this is what you’re writing? What the fuck was the point? “This guy would sound cool on this track” are you fucking shitting me? You couldn’t think of anything better to write about? This is what we’re passing for music journalism now? If you guys need contributors I write for a small webzine and would be more than happy to toss you a couple articles. This is just absurdly bad and desperate. Be embarassed.

  • Confusion

    The idea is to take something we like and our readers like and find some common thread with other artists who we like and our readers might not know about. Like, maybe a Danny Brown fan would know Boldy James and Pusha T, but do they know Faze Miyake and Banks? I think the list is diverse enough that it DOES turn people on to good music. That’s the point of what we’re doing with 90% of what we publish. I feel you though, we avoid doing this too often bc it can come across like “here’s what WE think the artist should do.” That’s not the intention.

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