People Aren’t Mad That Eminem’s New Album Leaked, They’re Mad It Didn’t Leak As MP3s

Image via Eminem on Facebook

As with most big albums these days, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 leaked early. The album is slated for an official release on November 5, but links surfaced online today. The problem? The album was leaked as .wma files, or Windows Media Audio files, instead of the more common MP3 format. Just how entitled do music consumers feel these days? Just look at the tweets. Not only do we want our music early and free, we want it in the right format. Welcome to 2013.

  • Alex

    Well the bigger problem is that it’s wack

  • uio

    Smh…… People is just…….. nvm

  • Jared M.

    Lmao, I honestly have no desire to actually listen to this album but this shit is funny.

  • bob

    The download for it I saw was MP3……

  • mistah dubs

    I have it as mp3 files so there’s that… And honestly this is not wack this is actually one of the best hip hop albums of the year he found his roots on this album quite a bit sure there are pop singers on hooks but man he takes it back and makes it a great listen much better than his last three solo albums It actually is an awesome sequel to MMLP no joke

  • Matt

    itunes auto converts wma’s. whats the issue?

  • Travis

    lol it might have been intentional as a throwback to the early 2000’s day. And for all we know, it could have been a dummy leak, not even the real album.

  • Johnny Hedden

    Buy the Fucking Album then. Beggars can’t be choosers

  • Justin Masters

    You can still download it quit your bitching, an all you critics are just mad you ain’t number one, I for one love the song it as a good message

  • Bruce

    What’s the link to the album leak?

  • Don

    hahahaha like I needed another reason to not listen to it lmao

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    people are stupid.

  • Bucky Henry

    clearly he doesnt have an iphone. bill gates is filling his pockets

  • Laughing Man

    Easily the funniest thing I’ve read this year.

  • Tyler

    LOL DERP. I’ve got leaks in MP3, people need to know where to get their leaks. Private leak sites FTW

  • Guest

    You all going to post Trademark Aarons tweet like that you should check out his work he puts it down hard

  • ola

    i love how people are complaining when it’s a LEAK…like you expect it to be all nice and ready for you, lazy fucks smh. what is the world coming to.

  • Et Ceter4

    hahaha, this is ridiculous

  • arevr18

    Stupid AND lazy. I mean how much trouble would it have been for the leaker to change the settings from crap .wma to .m4a or .flac? no trouble.
    Leakers and uploaders need to always remember that we are entitled to the best quality, for free, for ever.

  • kman51

    when i downloaded it i got it in mp3 format… guess im just smarter than a bunch of idiots…LMFAO!

  • Fuck all of you

    Why don’t you wait and buy the fucking album you fucking losers. Cheap pieces of shit. It’s $15. You are all pathetic.

  • LR

    MP3 format sounds horrible as well, lol.

  • Ganso


  • Raymond Uhe

    Its not your music. You didn’t create it. What make you think you have the right to steal music from an artist who has put all of their heart and soul into creating a timeless album. Where is the respect? It makes me angry. You are not a fan of an artist you steal from. I’m buying his album from the CD store when it comes out. Till then, I don’t want to know about it.

  • mkawia

    wma ? ugh! What is this, Auschwitz?

  • cbone99

    actually it is wack

  • cbone99

    his last album is better but that one wasnt much better then encore or relapse. em needs to go back to actual marshall days or resurrect proof cuz hes been wack since he died

  • fuckarevr18hesagaycunt

    @arevr18:disqus you should fuck up and go buy the album instead of bitching lame ass niqqa

  • BuckDat

    cause its not out yet

  • Roger

    Only sheep use itunes.

  • yuriydee

    Im kinda mad that someone actually leaked it.

  • Kleyn Kutt

    Check out @trademarkaaron and @kleynkutt Really dope artists from Kentucky!

  • nigganigga

    that’s why he said WAIT and buy the album

  • Tyler OddFuture Cabell

    I mean….this is 2013….if you’ve got the simple know how to download leaded albums, get a WMA to MP3 converter and shut up.

  • Justin Duke Anoi Wilkerson

    Lmaoooo…i still use windows media…

  • Will C.

    “Can’t even let WMA touch my download folder” hahahaha

  • Emcee ColdHarted

    i was just thinking that lol that sounds like something Slim would do. pis people off, something he’s very good at lol

  • Loken

    it does however it doesn’t convert them to mp3 it converts to aac which will allow you to listen on your ipod, but alot of programs don’t know it mp3 is just so much more versatile……the real point here is that IT IS 2013 and we shouldn’t be using shittier smaller compressed files i want the maximum track quality we all have terabytes now give me 5000mb cds

  • Loken

    if i download a cd i did not steal it i was givin it by whomever posted the link or actually uploaded it or the guy who actually stole it……..i downloaded it n it changed my opinion, i was expecting a garbage cd i think its amazing and i will purchase it when it’s out because i appreciate what the music will do for me

  • Layne

    You get it early, free, and illegally and you complain about formats? Ya’ll a bunch of overly self-titled little fucks, ya know that? I hope ya’ll actually have the common decency inside you to go out and buy the album come Nov. 5th! Celebrate his best album since MMLP (Maybe tied with “The Eminem Show”?) properly please. haha, fuuuck.

  • Layne

    Seriously, “whack” could go both ways good or bad, and your comment says you’re using it negatively. I say this shit is whack, this is the shit, dope, crazy, dafuck you wanna call it? Great haha

  • Matt

    If you wan’t maximum quality, buy the album.

  • Lexis Mills Tomic

    why would anyone buy let alone download this album

    he died a long time ago
    this is shit
    i had to delete it after realizing it took up 200 mb


  • Guy


  • Realman

    Your a dumb fuck

  • Lexis Mills Tomic

    silence dumb peasant
    like eminem the only difference between u and a bucket of shit is the bucket.
    old eminem was awesome , people need drugs to make music its simple
    this new age enimem is shit
    your obviously not a REALMAN but more a mere toddler just off the tit.
    i suggest suckling it again as its full of protein youll grow up quick