Songs You Can’t Hear Without Thinking of a TV Show or Movie


There is such a thing as a perfect on-screen moment. It's almost indescribable, this synchronization of the senses, but there are memories that survive lifetimes on the strength of a single moment. And when it happens, when everything matches and the split second gets tattooed to the back of your brain, everything else fades away. You're taken somewhere that doesn't exist anywhere outside its place and time, somewhere immortal.

When that perfect combination of sound and image occurs, you can't even hear a few bars of the song without thinking about the movie or TV show, without being transported back. From Badfinger's "Baby Blue" in the final scene of Breaking Bad to Kavinsky's "Nightcall" ominously soundtracking Drive's opening credits, here are ten songs that are now inextricably linked to a movie or TV show.

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