Grimes’ Eco-Friendly, Pet-Loving Tour Rider is the Greatest Tour Rider Ever


We’ve come across some pretty bizarre tour riders in the past. Have you ever seen Steve Aoki’s two-page document, which requests an “inflatable boat or dingie, four confetti blast machines,” and a “handheld CO2 air blower?” Well, while some musicians really take advantage of these sorts of things, Grimes‘ tour rider is exactly what you would expect from the 25-year-old artist. Very specifically requesting that there not be any “bottled, boxed, or other individually-sized containers of water backstage,” and to not provide items on top of what she requests “in an effort to minimize waste,” her tour rider may very well be the most eco-friendly one ever.

If you follow her Tumblr, you’ll also have noticed that she’s got a thing for cute animals, so naturally, her tour rider further requests for one “cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug, or pomeranian (or other cute animal, such as a chinchilla or a pekanese),” if possible. And as a true animal lover, she asks that these cute animals are given the opportunity to leave before “too much loud noise is heard so that he or she does not hurt their ears.”

As if you really needed yet another reason to love Grimes.



  • Jetsfoo

    I remember reading about Drake’s and Mac Miller’s riders a while back on mostlyjunkfood. You guys should maybe do a feature of tour riders by different artists. At the very least it’d be mildly intriguing

  • Bloedig

    Love the idea of a tour rider break down article. You start to see the real person when you look into these things.

  • Christopher Roditis

    there’s a lol at the end of the paragraph…

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