Band Names You Don’t Know How To Pronounce (and How To Pronounce Them Correctly)


Bands are running out of name ideas. All the obvious ones are taken, so bands are forced to get creative. They're leaving out letters, adding extra letters, including out-of-place symbols and numbers, and choosing foreign or made-up words. We can read and write about these bands all we want, but that doesn't help avoid that awkward situation when you have a conversation about Bon Iver for the first time and say, "Oh, I love Bawn Eye-ver, they're my favorite band!" and then some snob corrects you, looks at your like you're a poser, and spits at your feet. If you've ever been spit on because you don't know how to say Bon Iver, this post is for you.

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  • still wondering

    but how do you say MS MR?

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I’d liike to meet who was mispronouncing Miike Snow.

  • howdoyousayMúm

    I feel like there are a lot more confusing band names out there there should def be a part two of this

  • howdoyousayMúm

    I feel like there are a lot more confusing band names out there there should def be a part two of this

  • howdoyousayMúm

    the above comment wasn’t meant to be a reply

  • enid

    Tell me about it I’ve to say these on the radio!

    Gang Gang Dance’s last album has symbols instead of track names “∞∞∞”

  • TR

    Miss Mister

  • batmayne

    Shoutbox taught me.

  • Joyce Ng

    Also: Ryan Hemsworth’s uniquely titled “(。◕‿◕。)”


  • Confusion

    Leave more suggestions, we’ll do a part 2

  • Confusion


  • Joyce Ng


  • batmayne

    SOHN (son?) and Rhye (Ray or Rye?).
    I’m think Kwes is pronounced Keys. But I’m not sure.

    I wish they were more like rappers and shout themselves out on their own songs.

  • but

    and how does one pronounce XXYYXX?

  • cmmtsundertheinflnce

    Xiu Xiu is actually pronounced Shew Shew, or Shoo Shoo (oo as in foot) and the g in Sigur Ros is really soft, you almost don’t hear it (Si-ur Ros).

  • cmmtsundertheinflnce

    Well, SOHN is son in german. It’s a silent h and makes the o sound longer, kinda like the o sound in flown. Just listen to it here:

  • jazzydior

    This was such a basic list.

  • Sam

    Add Autre Ne Veut .. I know I’ve been saying this mfcks name wrong for a minute ..

  • Geovane M

    Just said this

  • yumpinfun

    i’m surprised that oOoOO is not on this list

  • e

    what about toro y moi….

  • RyBu

    girl called me out yesterday at acl for saying toro y moi wrong but she looked good in the flower head band she probably bought at american apparel the day before

  • Nick Wenger

    MØ? Pronounced Mo?

  • Nick Wenger

    I asked my french friend how to pronounce this. I still say it wrong.

  • Nick Wenger

    “it’s TORO-EE-MWAH. It means the bull and me, half Spanish/half French.”

  • Jetsfoo

    It’s pronounced LeviOsa, not LevioSA

  • Name

    I’ll pronounce it how they (most) spell it. If a band name is taken, it’s a bit of a dick move to change a letter and just take the phonetics (biggest offender: Fun.)
    I didn’t watch the video, but I doubt MGMT minds being referred to as Management too much; that’s what the band name was while they were are Wesleyan.

  • Chase

    I live in the South and literally every person I meet who enjoys Bon Iver pronounces it Bon “Eye”-ver. When you try to correct them they get incredibly offended too because the band is “one of their favorites”. Also, find a lot of people pronounce The Avett Brothers with an “ahh” sound instead of “aye”-vett.

  • Y.R

    Mø is pronounced probably like u say the “ur” in “Hurt” so – or atleast almost.

  • Carson

    Toro y Mois, DIIV both come to mind

  • cmmtsundertheinflnce

    Toro Y Mois is explained below, and DIIV is pronounced dive.

  • MadDanny

    I always figured it was something like Ziz…?

  • MadDanny

    Yeah, the g is pretty much silent, and almost a y sound like “Siyur” and “ros” is almost like “roast” without the t at the end.

  • Dianne

    Include Saosin and Bjork. It’s 2013 and a lot of people doesn’t know how to say it properly.

  • Shelly, Faery Queen

    This list might have been incredibly sarcastic, and if so, it’s really fucking funny

  • Nock4Six

    Rhye is pronounced rye like the drink and SOHN is pronounced like Sewn…or rhyming with moan.

  • Adam Robinson

    i’ve always said zeeks

  • ssss

    it’s pronounced like ‘muh’