Kanye West Avoids Jail Sentence in Photographer Altercation Case

Image via Getty Images / Antonio de Moraes Barros

Image via Getty Images / Antonio de Moraes Barros

Kanye West was facing up to a year in jail on charges of misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft in connection to his scuffle with photographer Daniel Ramos at LAX on July 19, but avoided a serious sentence. His attorney, Blair Berk, appeared in court today to receive the sentence, which stipulates that West stay 10 yards away from Ramos at all times, something which he will certainly be more than happy to do. The judge apparently “scoffed” at the prosecutor’s request that West agree to attend anger management classes as a condition of bail.

In much more interesting related news, the rapper recently announced a tour with Kendrick Lamar and gave one of the most engaging, passionate interviews ever to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1.

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  • Dedric

    Yeah, he needs anger management because stalking him and/or taking unwanted video and pictures of him shouldn’t make him angry at all. That’s not exploitation.

  • sos

    shut the fuck up pussy

  • Bob Baker

    I see the teenagers in charge of this website are obsessed with Kanye West. You just lost a visitor FOREVER. I will never return to this shithole site. Why not write about important things? Most ppl in American Hate Kanye West, get a clue.

  • Wow

    There are things more important than Kanye West?

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