Kanye West: “I Control the Media. I Get on TV Shows and Do What the F*ck I Want”


During Kanye West‘s stop in Oakland for the Yeezus tour, Mr. West got inspirational and took a break from the music to address the audience with a passionate speech. He expanded on some of the ideas from his Zane Lowe and Jimmy Kimmel interviews and explained that he and his fans are more powerful than the media, declaring, “I control the media. I get on TV Shows and do what the fuck I want, when I want, how I want. My way!” Watching his recent interviews and seeing the crowd’s reaction, it’s hard to argue with that.



  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Does he not have a PR team or something. I wish he’d stop talking and make Living Wage Job already or whatever.

  • Critical thinking

    kanye west has NO talent or imagination and neither does his wife. You can tell this by the name of their child. That name must have taken all of about .3 of a second to think up and then to hang it on your own baby—no class what so ever. I see you have him listed as one of the artists with three consecutive Great
    Albums. Thats a load of Bull S**t!! He hasn’t even made album one that’s great. You people have got to get your heads on straight, hip hop or Rap or whatever you want to call it will never be Great. It’s just rhyming and not very good rhyming at that. Rather simple in fact.

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