Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live: “I Refuse To Follow Those Rules That Society Has Set Up”


After getting spoofed by Jimmy Kimmel and engaging in a Twitter feud, Kanye West agreed to show up on Kimmel’s show tonight, and nobody knew what to expect. Would Kanye flip out? Would the whole thing be revealed as a joke? For those thinking it was a joke, you were way off. Kanye made it clear that he doesn’t do publicity stunts… ever. And he never will.

Instead of any of these things happening, the interview was like part 2 of the discussion with Zane Lowe. Kanye took the opportunity to speak his mind, lay out his goals and inspirations, and to really make it clear that he, as he stated in his BBC Radio 1 interview, is a “slave to his passion.” What could have been a highly entertaining and probably incredibly awkward confrontation ended up being an insightful, inspiring discussion about race, class, fashion, and more between Kanye and Kimmel. Watch the interview above.

  • Maxsur

    What’d you guys at P&P think of the interview?

  • ikemsmith

    We think Kanye West is a God.

  • Xhell

    This guy goes on the craziest tangents!

  • nateezra2

    YOOOOOOOOO…you can hear the passion and frustration in his voice. Intense is one way to describe this interview. Kanye would benefit from speaking a bit calmer. But dude got my hyped tho, looking like he wanted fight someone. Shiiii I want to be Chi Guevara, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King famous…I want to be martyred like Jesus. Dude got me ready for the revolution. Ha.

  • Thescoutgrl

    I like Kanye, at least he tries to be honest.

  • castor7dre

    he looks like kevin hart.

  • Nicolas Clark

    man. kanye west is a whole nother beast. this interview was engaging and insightful and i’m glad he did it.

  • Justin

    In a way, and I don’t want to start anything here, but he’s also pointing the finger a people like you guys.. specifically the quote you used to describe the interview. starting the article with ‘I refuse to follow the rules society has set up’ is sort of hedging your bets because people could interpret this as mockery, but also as genius. You guys are doing what he’s saying – refusing to put yourselves on the line and have an opinion. I only say this because I love Pigeons and Planes – and I know you guys love kanye west, but as a kanye fan also I would ask that you try not to box him in, like ‘This is what kanye has said again’. Thats also why Maxsur asked what YOU think of the video because it’s up to YOU to also have an opinion. I know its a small platform but this transcends Kimmel, its up to us as Kanye West fans to have a bit of faith instead of standing on the sidelines. You dont have to agree with all of what he’s saying, but don’t follow the trends of so many other blogs and just post honestly for once instead of trying to protect your necks, hey maybe people will catch on. And plus people love opinions, to agree with or disagree with.

  • gto

    He did publicity stunt with 50 cent…

  • AG

    It’s real man, it’s the realest shit ever and not because I love his music and I specify music cause I still don’t agree with how he has reacted to certain things but than again a lot of people react that way they are just not in the spotlight like he is. So as a person I didn’t admire him as much until now, because now I hear it now I see it, now is more than actions it’s words and emotions that you can see beside the rants, storm offs and blowing steam on a track, he actually talked to the people he wasn’t talking to just Kimmel he was addressing the world most celebrities sit there smile and answer questions, he did all that and looked at the crowd and spoke to the camera he was talking to us. I think if you don’t like this man based on the WORDS he says on this interview than you gotta analyze your life cause if you ain’t about your life, goals, dreams and family….you ain’t about much.

  • akMontufar

    Kanye gets a bad rap for a lot of stuff. Some is warranted, but I think most of it comes from a place of misunderstanding or fear/intimidation. If more people in this world were half as passionate about something positive as Kanye is about his beliefs we would be living in a much more productive and exciting society.

  • Bloedig

    LOL, he thinks he is a genius? What a publicity stunt that is. He has no clue what the word even means.

  • Jack

    Shut up you cunt

  • Niko

    should of just been called Kanye West Live lol

  • Bloedig

    I see you have no clue either. ;)

  • cruz

    Napoleon Complex

    p.s. what the fuck happened to his voice? He sounds like a woman – no joke, i’m confused

  • Bob Baker

    Kanye is on one. He just discussed 239048290384290384 subjects in 20 minutes. WTF IS HE EVEN SAYING???????????????? Did anyone understand this NEW rant of his?? Goodnessssssssss, I hate Kanye, he is a an ego-crazed maniac who acts as if everyone owes him something.

  • I guess Bloedig has a clue what the word means hey?

  • No.. 50 Cent claimed he could outsell Kanye. Then Kanye just outsold him. No publicity stunt.

  • Just

    It’s probably worse if he DOESN’T do any publicity stunts, and all the shit he’s pulled is actually just because he really IS an incredible douche.

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