Kanye West Reveals the Reason Behind the LAX Paparazzi Incident


It’s hard to know how to feel about  videos like this. It’s sad that the paparazzi are still trying to provoke Kanye West into getting angry (the guy at the very beginning especially), but in this latest encounter, West remains calm, and explains that he had just found out his grandfather was dying before the altercation with the photographer at LAX. On top of that he thanks the press for making Kim more famous, and tells them, “We’re in this together.”

Less of a Kanye rant, more of a Kanye chat. Check it out above.


  • Shelly, Faery Queen

    Kanye’s starting to calm down about all the attention now. I just hope the pap starting calming down too

  • Dev

    I think they be messing with em on purpose cus he let it get to em so much, but they be takin it waaay too far tho

  • darbaculture
  • Khalid Tetuani

    “It’s kind of over.”

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