Kid Cudi Reveals Plans for New EP, to be Released in the Next Three Months


Kid Cudi is currently on the road for his Cud Life tour and during his recent show in Dallas, Cudi gifted audience members with more than just his music. The rapper revealed that he plans to release a new EP sometime in the next three months. Interestingly though, Cudi is not sharing the release date, instead keeping that detail a surprise until 24 hours before he drops it. “When I give you the release date, it will be 24 hours before it’s released,” he told the crowd. “You won’t know when it’s gonna happen, but it’s definitely gonna happen within the next three months.”

He then went on to describe what we can expect from the EP, stating that it will be a prelude to his upcoming Man On The Moon 3. “Now this will be a prelude to MOTM3, it’s all attached to the story. When MOTM3 comes out you will be able to play this EP segueing into Man On The Moon 3. It’ll be a seamless connection.” MOTM3 is expected out sometime in 2015.



  • larae_is_bored

    this is all good news and everything, but given cudi’s track record, he hardly ever comes through when he gives himself deadlines like this or says he gonna drop a mixtape (or in this case an ep).

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