Music You Should Listen to if You Like Lorde


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By Confusion & Constant Gardner

Lorde's "Royals" is one of those slow-burning hits that spread like a drop of dye in a glass of water. It may have been a slow process, but from first listen it was obvious how big of an impact it would eventually have. Hearing that it comes from a teenage girl from New Zealand who had never even been on a plane until this year made the story of Lorde even more compelling, and just like that, the young singer is on the charts, only behind Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. But the interesting thing is that Lorde is not like Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry. She's a different kind of star, and the success of "Royals" is an indication of a new kind of rise to fame. If you're one of the many new fans, here are some recommendations of other artists you should listen to (who aren't all on the Billboard Hot 100).

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  • ND

    You should have put Oh Land in there :)

  • WhaleCancer

    So I thought the nonono song was titled “pumpkin blood” when I glanced at it … that’s like 95% of the reason I enjoyed it on first listen. On the second listen, I realized I was an idiot. That second listen hooked me though. Pumpkin Blood wins again … it always does.

  • Stefanee

    Bless you for this

  • alex

    If you like Lorde, I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Josh Ross. His sound and lyrics are mezmerizing

  • ahana elii

    great list

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