R.I.P. Lou Bega: 20 People Who Don’t Know Who Lou Reed Was


This past weekend, rock legend Lou Reed passed away at the age of 71. News outlets around the world covered the story, and about 99% of them got the story right. Unfortunately, one outlet erroneously reported that it was in fact Lou Bega who passed away and not the former Velvet Underground frontman. You guys remember Lou Bega, right? That dude who turned his roll-call of female acquaintances into the ’90s anthem we all know and love as “Mambo No 5?” Well once word started getting out that Lou Bega may have died, people were obviously flustered, nervous, upset and very confused and instead of taking two seconds to Google the news, went straight to Twitter to post about their confusion. Here are 20 people who thought Lou Bega died and also may be living under a rock. Nobody knows.

  • Justin

    “Mambo No. 5 was a terrible song I’m glad Lou Bega is dead” – haha

  • WeirdTwitter

    Almost all of these people were kidding.

  • Quetzlcoatl

    ok you guys completely missed the fact that most of these tweets were mocking people who were mixed up… especially the christian bale one.

  • Deco

    I know for sure that Ben Seretan was joking.

  • HCaesarNation

    You need better comebacks.

  • Mr. Darp

    Haha seconded about Ben Seretan

  • BaltoAmerica

    yep seretan just pulled a fast one – if you don’t think he’s kidding, listen to this


  • Robert Zaleski

    The post before this was about Tyler the Creator mocking WIll.I.Am for selling out. And then this posts like this are when the site sells out the most in my mind. Just a contrived story linking to text supposedly written by dummies lined up for my amusement. But when the jester understands his role who laughs at whom?

    At least include a link to a Velvet Underground song or something. Honestly, I didn’t know Lou Dobbs and it woulda been really cool to be exposed to his work right now just to glimpse what the world feels it’s losing.

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