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As told to Dharmic X

Necro is not a household name, but that doesn’t make his impact to the hip-hop community any less important. Consider this: In 2011, a rapper from Brooklyn named Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire rapped over the instrumental for “Scumbags,” a 2003 song produced by Necro. He called the song “Huzzah,” and it went on to become one of his biggest songs. The remix, which featured Despot, Danny Brown, Das Racist, and El-P, has over one million views on YouTube. The buzz that followed led to eXquire signing a deal to Universal/Republic. That’s the influence Necro continues to have on the music, twenty years into his career. As the owner of Psycho+Logical Records, Necro was one of the people who paved the way for the independent model in hip-hop, the model that has led to so much success for groups like Atmosphere and Tech N9ne.

In 2013, Necro is getting ready to release an album with hip-hop royalty, Kool G. Rap. Together, the group is known as The Godfathers, and the album is called Once Upon A Crime. As the king of “death rap” finishes up his the new album, he took the time to break down his favorite songs about one of his favorite topics: death. Get in the mood for Halloween and into the mind of one of rap's most morbid characters.

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  • Tim Isola

    song is even deeper than that, its about the story of Johnny Got his Gun, a soldier who loses his arms legs ability to communicate in any way accept blinking his eyes and someone finally figures out that hes telling them in morse code to kill him…..its all portrayed in the video, which gives the song an even darker more fucked up feeling, Metallica’s first video btw, people gave them shit at the time, considered it a sell out but if u watch the video, nothing like that had ever been done and its the furthest thing from selling out, it will fuck your head up everytime u watch it, this guy just laying there in his own head , trapped. Amazing.

  • Pig Destroyer

    This shit is garbage like most of the god fathers cd..sad to see G Rap that broke he has to resort to working with this clown who hasn’t made a good album in 8 years. I wanted to like this, but so far each sounds sounds worse.

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