The Oral History of Pigeons & Planes


In honor of Pigeons and Planes' fifth birthday, we decided to tell the P&P story from the very beginning. We've seen a lot of blogs come and go since 2008, but with a lot of hard work and a little luck, Pigeons & Planes is still here and better than ever. Whether you've been with us from day one, discovered us after we started our Complex chapter, or found us for the first time today after seeing our sticker at a concert—this one's for you. Told in words collected over the course of a month from the people closest to P&P's heart, spanning from New York City to Chicago to Vancouver to Los Angeles, its story personifies the familial spirit that's come to define this blog. And so without further ado, we present to you the Oral History of Pigeons and Planes.

(As told to Dee Lockett)


Confusion/Jacob Moore — Founder, P&P

Noah Callahan-Bever — EIC/Chief Content Officer, Complex

Midas/Brendan Klinkenberg — Contributing writer, P&P

Ernest Baker — Former Complex editor

Constant Gardner/Alex Gardner — Editorial assistant, P&P

JennsDrunk/Jenn Robinson — Contributing writer, P&P

Jon Tanners — Contributing writer, P&P

Joyce Ng — Contributing writer, P&P

Katie K/Katie Kelly — Contributing writer, P&P

Khal — EIC, Do Androids Dance, Contributing writer, P&P

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  • Konrad Ziemlewski

    Been lovely watching P&P grow from the very early days + I can easily envision the Record Label concept with Confusion at the helm of it all

  • BauceSauce

    Absolutely wonderful.

  • Noory

    This makes me so happy. You guys have been doing a stellar job over the past few years and I really hope P&P continues to bring you joy, the way it has for me!
    Keep flying!

  • Joyce Ng

    Nooooory <3

  • Cesr

    I love this site and its because of this site that I was able to discover, if you will, a range of music from hip-hop to indie and I came here before the complex chapter, which I remember because it seemed like the future of this site was uncertain at that point. I’m glad its still here.

  • CK

    I already knew most, if not all, of this stuff, but I enjoyed reading it as a story. Dopeness. Keep up the phenomenal work, P&P! I will keep proudly wearing my P&P shirt.

  • penda


  • Koala

    Y’all are the greatest. I’ve been reading since the direct-link-to-2dopeboyz-tagged-mp3s days and it’s made me really happy to see you grow and succeed over the years. Long live P&P! <3<3<3

  • Confusion

    Thank you!!

  • Alex Drake

    That was a great read. I’ve loved following P&P over the years and even with all the changes, the blog has remained true to itself. Keep up the awesome work…onwards and upwards!

  • ke

    awesome hearing about how the whole site came together. great story

  • ke

    awesome hearing about how the whole site came together. great story

  • Josh Podolske

    I’ve been inspired by P&P in regards to the Planes part, it inspired me to do my own the the drainage. Keep up the good work.

  • AGB

    You told me a long time ago that while you couldn’t tell who was viewing the site, you could see where in the world they came from. I kept coming back not just because I love the writing and music, but in hopes that you’d notice that your first reader was still reading :-) Unfortunately, that plan stopped working when there were more than 100 of us haha. So I’ll just call it out here. So proud of all you’ve accomplished. <3

  • Mustafa

    Amazing story.

  • Confusion

    Hey, thank you!

  • batmayne

    You guys are the best.

    I used to keep falling for the Jokes page every couple of months.

  • Jetsfoo

    P&P is literally my favorite website. I remember asking Con about how the site started but I didn’t know it was so…complex

    Bad jokes aside, you guys really should think about making more P&P. If you’re worried about it not being cost-effective I will literally buy like 30 of them.

  • Sdc

    I discovered so much on it, thanks a lot y’all!

  • Reece Hooker

    Great post. I’ve found this site over the past few months and it’s become by far my favourite place for music. It’s articles like this and sites like P&P that inspire me to continue chasing a career in writing.

  • Young Lungs

    This is really inspiring Jacob. You guys are doing a really great thing, by shining light onto up and coming artists who are well deserving! You have even put me onto some great new artists, and im glad to see you feature artists like Jon Waltz as well! Hopefully one day I will be reading a Pigeons and Planes feature about on of my songs, but for now Ill still be reading your great writing and listening to your awesome music selection! Thanks to all of you down at Pigs n Planes for giving people this opportunity

    PS. Is there an email to submit my music to? I would love to send in some stuff!

  • saife

    I’ve been on the site since 09′ (or early 10′) and it’s crazy to see how this site has grown so much. Nothing but love and prosper.

  • Dee Lockett

    Thanks for reading and commenting! You can send your music to or to any of the writers whose contact info is listed in the About section.