Premiere: Cage – “Precipiss”


For a while there, it seemed like we lost “the old Cage.” It wasn’t a bad thing, it’s just how these things sometimes go. Like his friend Kid Cudi, Cage’s evolution has been radical. In appearance and sound, Cage switched things up in drastic fashion, but the basic pillars of Cage were always there, which is why it feels surprisingly natural that he’s back with DJ Mighty Mi for his new album and mixing in elements of his early work. Lyrically and musically he’s more mature, and he’s got a few new styles up his sleeve, but with the upcoming Kill The Architect, Cage will probably win back any fans that he left behind once he moved past Hell’s Winter. “Precipiss” has Cage on his not-giving-a-fuck flow, abandoning his more melodic tendencies for something a little more to-the-point.

Kill The Architect comes out October 22. Pre-order it here.

  • sherm penn

    so he called all his fans fake wiggers then tried going emo rap and sold the least copies of any album he’s ever done. NOW he wants his old fans back but doesnt want to spend the time to put some wit into his music.I CANT BELIEVE CHRIS PALKO IS GOING TO DIE BROKE AND ALONE LOLZ

  • Ervin Senaj

    Chill man, Cage is keeping it real at the age of 40. He’s matured a lot which is reflected in his music. I’d be disappointed in him if he was still rapping about pcp and crazy shit. When did he call his fans fake wiggers anyway?

  • Chris Arctor

    Is this dude even serious? What album are you even saying he sold the least amount of copies? Movies didn’t outsell Hells Winter or Depart From Me, I don’t know the exact figures but I think his last album sold more than any release he’s ever put out….As for him “wanting his old fans back” dude you must not know much about Cage cuz that egotistical psycho could give a fuck less, if you’re down with Cage cool if not keep it movin and listen to something else. To me this new stuff sounds like everything he’s released rolled into one album. The guy is a genius, no one makes records like Cage and just cuz he isn’t some millionaire doesn’t mean that his work isn’t worth millions.

  • Greg

    Actually not true. I have access to sound scan. Movies sold the most Depart From Me the least. I was surprised but Movies came out when people were still buying a lot of albums.

  • Chris Arctor

    I guess I was just basing it off where it debuted on like Heatseekers and the Billboard 200, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they sold more copies. You’d think Movies would’ve sold the least since it didn’t have the distribution behind it like Hell’s Winter and Depart from Me had, it also didn’t have the marketing or videos on MTV/MTV2 like the later albums did.

  • Scott

    A fake Wigger. that’s Hilarious. Think about it, whoever was offended was an idiot, it probably even changed them. A wigger is already fake. So to say a fake wigger would be the opposite of a wigger which would be the a real wigger? Ikn you tell me. I don’t think he’s lost his fans, you just were just offended by it, maybe you’re a wigger.

  • Wigger

    If you have to throw a public bitch fit every time some guy calls you a fake wigger, I’m not sure this is the genre for you. Really, I think emo might be just the thing you’re looking for.

  • Randys MarshmellowMan

    uhm… you need to get laid, sherm.

  • abu

    guess what the illest four letter word in the world is still CAGE

  • AFrame

    I think DFM basically closed Def Jux.

  • Simon Carrington

    Is it possible to preorder a physical copy?

  • Glitch

    I think it was more or less the death of Camu Tao. After he closed all of the Weather Men seemed to go off on their own separate paths. I still want a Breeze album though I think he was the most underrated out of the group.

  • bob saget


  • Tryna get this shit 2 burn man

    I agree with you about the wit missing, these recent tracks are as uninspired as ever.

  • Shawna

    All of you shut your fucking mouths. You men are disgracing the above words stay below where you belong.
    It was absolutely splendid. I’m a lifer with Cage albums too. Each one is beautiful in a different way. The people below will burn in hell for their shit they contributed. I loved it high fives from god!

  • Dwight Power

    A lot of his stuff might be out there, even for someone like me who loves that type of sh*t, it’s his whiny singing that just ruins it for me BUT he still drops 2-3 tracks an album that are head and shoulders above the other stuff that is out there. Even the stuff that is considered good like Kendrick.

    I would rather see Cage make weird music and look healthy than his old self. I’m glad for him and I look at his old music as gifts he left us, he gave us what he had and he doesn’t owe us sh*t.

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