Introducing: Rap Genius’ Rap Stats, A Breakdown of Rap Lyrics Over Time


Ever wonder when the term “twerk” was first used in rap, and when it became mainstream slang? What about the number of times rappers have shouted out Obama? Well, for all of the curious hip-hop heads out there, Rap Genius has your solution. Rap Stats is a new tool offered by one of the most comprehensive lyric websites, and will allow you to figure out patterns of the history of rap trends through its lyrics.

How Rap Stats, our brand-new tool, can help you figure out the migratory patterns of drug dealers, when hip-hop became big business, and whether money really is over bitches

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Check out some of the sample searches below. The more you know, right?

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  • John

    All the percentages are below 1 percent. The frequencies are so low that it doesn’t even matter how they compare because it’s such a small amount. Money peaked at just below .2 percent. That’s a tiny number.

  • Jon Tanners

    Right, but considering how many different words have been used in the history of rap (so many that the peak of use for the word “the” is 5%), the frequencies probably represent fairly large numbers–or at least numbers that aren’t insignificant. I’m sure there are plenty of filler words and one-off’s that skew these percentages to make them seem insignificant.

  • Koala

    Why is the NBA becoming more popular with rappers? Who rapped the word “Instagram” in 2003? WE NEED ANSWERS

  • Devin Middleton

    Wow I feel bad for bitches. Money has always been on top of it.

  • Lolu

    Money over Bitches

  • some guy

    Lil Wayne’s appetite is responsible for the rise of “pussy” since ’10

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