Rick Ross Doesn’t Understand What Lorde’s “Royals” is About


As Lorde‘s “Royals” holds its spot as the No.1 song in the country and enjoys its 15th week on the Billboard Hot 100, the remixes keep coming in. The latest, though, is the most surprising yet: Rick Ross. The irony of “Royals” being the top song in the country is outdone only by the fact that the Maybach Music Group boss has decided to spit luxury raps over a song that celebrates “a different kind of buzz.”

It’s not that Lorde is denouncing luxury per se, but “Royals” certainly points out the difference between her life and the usual pop star/rock star/rap star lifestyle that gets glorified in the music we all listen to. She explained in an interview with Huffington Post:

It’s something we’ve always been very aware of… that our lives are super mundane and we’re basically in this transition period waiting for something to happen to us. And then the song came out and people were like, “We never thought about it like this,” but I think a lot of young people were just happy that someone was acknowledging that mundanity. I come from a pretty straight forward town, we spend most of our time riding around on bikes and taking photos—we live pretty straightforward lives. As one of the few teenage voices in music that isn’t like… Justin Bieber, I didn’t want to glorify that perspective—this is just what it is and if this is you, too, then cool… Then, we’re in it together, I guess.

She further explained to Spotify:

You see, at that time I’d been listening to a lot of Lana Del Ray and a lot of A$AP Rocky – because I love rap, that crazy money and opulence and extravagance. But I also know it’s all total bullshit, you know!

If you read the lyrics to “Royals,” it’s pretty obvious that the song isn’t a celebration of wealth and a lavish lifestyle. Lorde sings:

But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece/Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash/We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair

But Rick Ross heard “Maybach,” and he just couldn’t resist hopping on for a remix. But he missed the point. On his remix he raps:

Silver Rolls Royce cigarette smokes in it/New fur rug now my dirty boots in ’em/Flowin’ in the pocket like enrollin’ in a college/Mean as a dean, triple beam well polished/She wanna watch Scandal, I wanna count a handful/Dead presidents sleep in the attic of the mansion

Oh, the irony.


  • kanye east

    dead president sleeping in the attic of the mansion is a good line tho

  • kaine

    i think this was done on purpose……

  • PigsAndPlans

    I’ve seen a couple people say that. Maybe we’re not giving Ross enough credit. But it seems like if Ross was going to do this on purpose, he’d have plenty of chances to work in a good “king” or “lord” reference. But this verse seems interchangeable with any other Ross verses.

  • MrCam

    Don’t worry about Rick, you guys.

  • KylixDesigns

    A lot of hip hop journalist and personalities love this track. So I understand why he jumped on it, but his content is the reason why we all are scratching our heads.

  • Jared Samuel

    Rick Ross rapping on ‘Royals’ is like Satan rapping on ‘Jesus Walks’.

  • Devin Middleton

    right? I just think it was a dope verse..

  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    How many times can this fool fuck up and still have a career?

  • Shelby Mack

    What a dumb shit!

  • some guy

    rozay dgaf

  • rooked1

    yall pigeon n planes niggas actin real snobby lol, this is what rap is about. contrast odd collabs sampling. this nigga rick ross isnt stupid he knew what he was doing.

  • avery

    um…you’re surprised that Dick Dross missed the point? He’s a clown. He’s got a very limited vocabulary and ONLY KNOWS to rhyme what he rhymed in this shitmix. He should take his fat ass back to being a prison guard.

  • Sam Spurling

    I actually think Rozay just don’t give a single fuck. He heard a good beat so he jumped on it, YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU IN THE DIRT MOFUCKAS

  • kaine

    lol, the over-the-top extravagance is getting old though, i’ll admit it.

  • penda

    “odd collabs” aint the same as “missing the point”

  • rooked1

    did i say it was? this that snobby shit lol. ur hiding behind a computer trying to shit on a grown man who’s successful in music assuming that he wouldnt understand the point of this song. lol this song is so blunt he clearly knew what he was doing.

  • rooked1

    u mad

  • penda

    i aint trying to shit on anyone, but this isn’t really an “odd collab”, an odd collab was like Kanye and Bon Iver lol. this looks more like he saw a song was hot and dropped some bars, just like he did with “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, the context of the original song was clearly not important

  • rooked1

    i c what u mean

  • Weirdo

    I miss the mystery :) I mean now you can learn anything about singers you like, and sometimes it makes you like their songs less. I like Lorde’s songs, especially “Bravado“, but I don’t really like her personality…

  • Weirdo

    I miss the mystery :) I mean now you can learn anything about singers you like, and sometimes it makes you like their songs less. I like Lorde’s songs, especially “Bravado“, but I don’t really like her personality…

  • Dave G

    Who writes these dumb articles? He understands it just fine. She’s mocking materialism in rap and Ross is simply saying he doesn’t give a fvck what she thinks. Raekwon did a better one even

  • RickyDoesDaRight

    Missing the point is not the same as being a dumbass

  • YouAllAreClearlyBlindorStupid

    Who cares. There is no point. THE BITCH IS RICH NOW. Song is Void.

  • John Montgomery

    Why make such a big deal ,it’s just a song ,and it’s good ,but rick Ross made it better ,but leave it up to the “politically correct” America to put its bull crap spin on it.

  • Hofmann1943

    The Irony is most of rick ross’ fans are surburban white kids and broke ass wanna be thugs in the city. neither of whom share in his opulent lifestyle or could even relate to it lol

  • Dionne Breezy Vandervort

    It must have been done on purpose. Rick Ross IS Maybach. …they know what they’re doing. Ross understands the song PERFECTLY! Trust!

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