Download Robb Bank$’ New Mixtape “Tha City”

Image via Live Mixtapes

Image via Live Mixtapes

A constant paradox of internet-spurred “celebrity”: Notoriety no longer entails fame. You’ve probably read it before. The death of the monoculture. The death of your radio and your television as the gatekeepers to culture, former titans once capable of making and breaking stars, now made largely irrelevant by the glorious mess of the internet. Sure, radio still sells records, but it’s usually last to the party, supporting well-established acts or adopting the hits after the public has already figured out that they’re hits (“Harlem Shake” didn’t need a radio spin to capture the popular consciousness, even if only for a brief, bright moment).

Robb Bank$ isn’t famous by any stretch of the imagination yet, but, through the magic of Tumblr, Twitter, and Soundcloud, he’s managed to build a fanbase that sustains him even when blog or real world support doesn’t. Through affiliations with artists like SpaceGhostPurrp, rumors of a certain formerly massive reggae artist (pictured above) being his father, and a slew of modern-sounding but slightly askew singles (how many rappers reference lean, robbery, and Pokemon all within the same verse?), Bank$ has managed to drum up a rumble of intrigue. He’s yet to bubble over, but eyes are on him.

New mixtape Tha City is to be the next cog in that emergence. Stream and download it here (tracklist and production credits below).

1. Robb Bank$ – Flex (City) [Prod. By Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp] (6:20)
2. Robb Bank$ – KDia (CT) (Feat. Phlo Finister) [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri] (4:36)
3. Robb Bank$ – On Me (Baton Rouge) [Prod. By NURI] (4:39)
4. Robb Bank$ – All The Way Live (Feat. Lauderdale) [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp & Nuri] (4:21)
5. Robb Bank$ – Counted (LA) [Prod. By Nuri & Spaceghostpurrp] (5:01)
6. Robb Bank$ – Mouth (Houston) (Feat. B Way) [Prod. By Nuri] (3:15)
7. Robb Bank$ – New York (NY) [Prod. By Nuri] (4:09)
8. Robb Bank$ – Changed (Miami) (Feat. Lofty 305) [Prod. By Nuri, Spaceghostpurrp & Freebase] (4:39)
9. Robb Bank$ – Scrub The Ground (Interlude) [Prod. By Nuri] (3:14)
10. Robb Bank$ – Round & Round (Memphis) [Prod. By Nuri] (4:33)
11. Robb Bank$ – Broward County Legend (Coral Springs) [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp] (4:35)
12. Robb Bank$ – That Sound (Atlanta) [Prod. By Zaytoven] (4:02)
13. Robb Bank$ – Decoration (Feat. Dooney Montana) (Pompano) [Prod. By Nuri] (3:56)
14. Robb Bank$ – Indistinct (DC) [Prod. By Nuri] (4:04)
15. Robb Bank$ – Heartbreaker (London) [Prod. By Nuri] (5:25)
16. Robb Bank$ – Practice (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks) [Prod. By Nuri & POSHstronaut] (Bonus) (4:22)
17. Robb Bank$ – Trust Me [Prod. By KE On The Track] (Bonus) (3:13)


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