Solomon Grey – “Firechild”

Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

British electro-pop duo Solomon Grey’s most recent single “Firechild” sounds as if it was cryogenically frozen in the mid-80s, thawed out in 2013, and given a sheen of modern recording techniques and warmer synth textures. Of a piece with Peter Gabriel’s soul-inspired 80s solo output and Tears for Fears’ dark-edged new wave pop, “Firechild” pulsates with electronic glimmer, evocative vocals, and gorgeous, swelling strings, simultaneously purposeful and light (and far more tasteful than most of its forebears from the DayGlo decade). Though Solomon Grey doesn’t quite exhibit the knack for catchiness both Gabriel and Tears for Fears sharpened by the height of their popular presences, the band does manage to capture the unique atmosphere–a sense of melancholy and wonder mingled–that both of the former conjured time and again.

Listen to “Firechild” below.

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